How Much Does a Beach Wave Perm Cost?

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The beach wave perm uses the same perm solution type as a traditional perm, but instead, it is parted and rolled differently in order to create a more natural, looser permanent curl.

The main aim is to create a hairstyle that indicates an unperturbed day at the beach, hence, the name.

How much does a beach wave perm cost?

The beach wave perm is considered to be a more artistic and labor-intensive treatment that usually needs two or more perming solution bottles, and for these reasons, the cost of beach wave perm can ranges anywhere from $80 to $380.  Ultimately, the costs depend on the salon, your type of hair and the length.

According to one user on this Yahoo! Answers question/answer page, she said she spent $85 for her perm.

My Salon 21, a salon located in Draper, Utah, says a perm can cost $120 to $180, according to their official pricing list.

This Glamour article, however, says the costs can start at $350.

Beach wave perm overview

The beach wave perm is a semi-permanent texture infusion which is color-safe, thio-free, easy and fast to use. The beach wave is formulated using keratin fusion restructuring serum and infuses the hair with human hair keratin and silk to protect, strengthen and add shine to the new hairstyle.  The beach wave blocks allow for soft subtle waves, which can be worn styled or natural using a curling iron for a more stylish, tighter curl.  According to, the difference between a traditional perm and beach wave lies in the technique, which uses special products and a soft, sponge-like roller instead of rods.

This procedure is only available through a salon professional who deals with the product.

The service takes about 1.5 to 2 of hours total service time, but this can vary depending on the hair length.

After the perm is done, you will be asked to refrain from washing it for up to 48 hours, allowing it to dry without using a hair dryer or even touching it.

What are the extra costs?

Shampoos and conditioners formulated particularly for curly or permed hair should be used.  A good product, as indicated by, can cost $22 to $35.  The waves will remain tight for about two to three weeks after the procedure, but then, as time goes on, you will start to notice a 20 percent reduction in the bend, according to stylists.  Even though you can use a curling iron anytime you want after the procedure, a frothy mousse, while the hair is wet, can encourage a wavy look.

Tips to know:

Stylists recommend this perm for those with coarse, heavy or straight hair due to the intensive chemicals being used.  Also, if your hair is fine in texture and/or bleached, you may run the risk of breakage or damage.

The results of the perm, being semi-permanent, will last about four months, but this will depend on how well you take care of it.  As long as you keep intense heat off of it, allowing the hair to dry naturally whenever possible, it can last much longer.

Pinterest has hundreds of beach wave perm before and after pictures to browse through.

How can I save money?

Compare prices with a few salons in your area.  Inquire about coupons and promotions to see if you can save even more money.  Many salons will offer deals on their website or if you want to find a new salon that’s offering deals, consider checking out

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