How Much Does a Bellevue Club Membership Cost?

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The Bellevue Club in Bellevue, Washington, is a premier athletic and social club that boasts 200,000 square feet of athletics, wellness, gourmet dining, social facilities and a full-service spa.  The Bellevue Club also houses Hotel Bellevue, a highly rated luxury hotel as well as an upscale restaurant and meeting room.

How much does a Bellevue Club membership cost?

The price of a membership will greatly depend on the membership you sign up for.  According to our research, the cost estimates are mentioned in the table below:

Type of MembershipInitiation FeeMonthly Dues
Athletic Resident Membership- $5,000 for family
- $2,500 for single
- $270 family
- $178 single
- $203 family senior
- $133 single senior
- $75 non-student intermediate
- $6 student
- $122 associate family
- $105 associate single
Social Membership- $250- $87
Corporate Resident Membership- $5,000 for athletic each
- $2,500 for social each
- $270 for athletic
- $87 for social

NOTE:  These are just estimates provided by sources found online.  Use this as a reference only, not guarantee rates.  Contact the official club for more details.  Refer to the official pricing sheet offered by the Bellevue Club here.

The Bellevue Club offers different types of memberships: Athletic Resident, Athletic Non-resident, Social, Corporate Resident, and Corporate Non-Resident, and members can be classified as Family, Single, Senior (72+), Intermediate (19-24 years), Associate (25-29 years), Young Professional (younger than 30 years), or Professional.  Each of these memberships will have its own restrictions/qualifications as to who can apply to each.

Bellevue Club membership overview

Offering more than 200,000 square feet of athletic, wellness, social, recreational and business facilities, the club offers 10 tennis courts, three swimming pools, four exercise studios, multiple fitness classes per week, on-site childcare, four restaurants, multiple programs and monthly member events such as wine tastings, trivia nights, paired dinners, and networking breakfasts.

Tips to know:

The Bellevue Club also caters to wedding events and receptions, training sessions, birthday parties, and board meetings.  The club provides a range of space options that can accommodate different types of events with various capacities such as the Terrace Room, the Plaza Boardroom, and the Olympic Room.

The Hotel Bellevue, which is part of the Bellevue facility, is rated as one of the top 500 luxury hotels in the country.

Tours of the club and the hotel are available by appointment.

How can I save money?

The Bellevue Club offers hotel, resort, and reciprocating club discounts to its members.

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