How Much Does Bevolo Lighting Cost?

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Bevolo Gas and Electric Lights is the largest and oldest manufacturer of hand-made, hand-riveted copper lanterns within the United States.

Bevolo has created more than 500 styles of lanterns, which are used for both commercial and residential applications.

Bevolo lights are ideal for both the outdoors and indoors.

How much does Bevolo lighting cost?

The cost of Bevolo lights ranges anywhere from around $200 to as pricey as $3,000+ per unit.  This cost will greatly depend on the design, brackets being used, materials, add-ons and size of the fixture.  Most prices, however, will be within the $200 to $300 range. This price range will apply to the lights only and won’t include any professional installation prices.

Type of LightingAverage Price
Carriage Lantern$600
French Chandelier$1,100
Hanging Pendant$350
House on a Hanging Chain$600
Lantern of a Post$1,100
Lantern on a Bracket$600
Lantern on a Column Mount$575
Pool House Lantern$400
Street Light$759

According to, a wall-mount fixture could cost $1,000, while a pole fixture could cost $1,500 to $2,000., an online retailer, has a variety of Bevolo lights for sale, with prices ranging from as little as $325 for a hanging pendant to as much as $2,800 for a street light.

Bevolo lighting overview

Bevolo lights are available in propane gas, natural gas, or electric. All Bevolo lights are manufactured within the New Orleans area and are all fabricated by hand through the use of antiqued copper.

Bevolo lighting is Edison Testing Laboratories (ETL) approved.

The company offers lifetime warranties on its product lines.

What are the extra costs?

For each light, the average gas bill can go up to $7 to $25+ per month, depending on the usage.  The company notes that one light will burn nine gallons of propane if left on for 24/7.

For online orders of Bevolo light fixtures, you will have to include the shipping and handling costs.  A rush fee is also available for an additional cost.

If a qualified technician is required, additional installation fees may apply.  Since all jobs can vary, we recommend using to receive multiple quotes from local contractors for free.

Tips to know

The company has more than 500 variations of light and bracket combinations and also offers custom-made lighting. All fixtures are hand riveted by a team of highly skilled craftsmen within the French Quarter area of New Orleans.

Bevolo also offers a free design service. You can send them your elevations or an image of the area, and they will put together a free lighting analysis, which will include schematics and photos.

Bevolo Gas and Electric Lights is a family-run business and it manufacturers hand-made, hand-riveted copper and brass lanterns. This company was established in 1945 by Andrew Bevolo, Senior and still remains a family business to this day. It is currently run by Andrew-Bevolo, III. Bevolo has, over the years, continued to manufacture the highest quality antique, traditional, and custom designed handmade lighting fixtures.

Currently, the company is the largest manufacturer of handmade, open flame copper lanterns in the world. Bevolo manufactures over 500 lights designs and they also can make custom designs.

Those who have had gas lanterns installed did note they do not emit as much light when compared to a traditional light.

How can I save money?

Consider buying slightly used lights on Craigslist or eBay.

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