How Much Does a Bichon Frise Cost?

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Last Updated:  August 8, 2018

The Bichon Frise is often compared to, and even confused with, the Maltese.  While it can look eerily similar, there are some differences.  This breed is known to be sensitive, affectionate, playful and is used to having human accompaniment the majority of the time, demanding a lot of attention.  Because they are mainly bred as companion dogs, they are known to get along very well with children and other household pets.

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How much does a Bichon Frise cost?

The cost of a Bichon Frise will depend on the age, quality, gender, its parents, breeder and the inclusions that come with the adoption.  On average, these dogs can cost anywhere from $650 to as much $1,500 for a purebred.  Older dogs, or puppies without paperwork, however, could be much less if found at a local shelter.  Puppies that come from champion parents can often cost more than $1,200, while your middle-of-the-road puppy with all of its paperwork can cost $600 to $850 on average., a Bichon Frise breeder, sells dogs with AKC registration paperwork, a written health guarantee contract, up-to-date vaccinations as well as a de-worming treatment.  The price for the Bichon Frise, according to the website, can range anywhere from $700 to $1,250 depending on the type of registration, which can be limited or full.

At the time of writing this guide,, a popular online dog classified website, had more than 150 ads, with costs ranging from $500 to more than $1,500.

When we were researching the official breeders on the AKC marketplace, we had found most breeders were charging $1,200 to $1,900 for their puppies that were around six to ten weeks old.

What is going to be included in the adoption fee?

Most reputable breeders will always include up-to-date vaccinations, registration paperwork, a health guarantee, vet checkup, spay/neuter and/or microchip.  Before signing any contract, a breeder should include all of their inclusions you will get with your adoption price.  AKC breeds will often come with full documentation of the parents, their OFA health certifications and a DNA profile if requested.

What are the extra costs?

To keep their coat free of mats, a monthly professional grooming session is highly recommended to keep its coat slim.  Aside from this, its owner should also make it a habit of brushing every other day.  Bichon Frise grooming sessions can cost close to $75 on average, depending on where you live.

Professional obedience classes to teach the dog, at a minimum, the basic commands of sit, stay and lie down, should be considered.  These classes, depending on where you go, can start at $50 and go up from there.

Recurring costs, as with any dog or pet, will include food, shelter, accessories, toys and routine/surprise vet visits.

Tips to know:

The average Bichon Frise weighs in at about 12 to 20 pounds, measures nine to 12 inches tall and can live close to 15 years if healthy.

Its coat will be looser with a curly outer coat, which is lined with a softer, silky undercoat.  Commonly white in color, some breeds may have cream, gray or apricot shadings.

Its temperament is known to be appealing to most since it gets along with so many pets and people.  They are considered highly social, energetic, charming and inquisitive.

When researching any breeder, use extreme caution when choosing a puppy.  If you’re insistent on an AKC certified breed, then it’s best to use the AKC puppy search tool.  If you don’t want an AKC certified dog, then try your best to see the puppy in person and ask as many questions as possible.  If the breeder seems as if they just want to hand the dog off and don’t care who it goes home with, then you may want to look elsewhere as this breeder may only be in it for the money.

Like most of your smaller dogs, they are known to be bark at every strange sight and sound if not trained properly.

This dog will suffer from separation anxiety since it often needs more companionship when compared to other breeds.  If left alone for long periods of time, then it may become into an unwanted barker.

These dogs are considered to be non-shedding and do have hypoallergenic properties, but it’s important to remember there’s no such thing as a dog that won’t cause allergies.  While the shedding will be minimal, you may see the occasional “dust bunny.”

They do enjoy a daily walk and play sessions, so it won’t be ideal for those who live a sedentary lifestyle.  They are suited for apartment living as long as they are able to exercise freely from time to time.

Bichons, just like any other breed, can develop health problems over time.  This can include skin diseases, allergies, bladder stones, patellar luxation, juvenile cataracts, excessive tooth decay and hip dysplasia.

How can I save money?

Consider a shelter such as the Humane Society or a rescue group that specializes with this breed.  While you may not be able to find a puppy or even this specific breed, you may be able to find a dog that looks similar.  Adopting a dog will be much cheaper and you can feel good knowing you’re offering a dog a loving home.

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