BidClerk Subscription Cost

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BidClerk, a ConstructConnect company, is said to be a leader in providing construction data in the United States as well as Canada, with a mission to connect professionals in the construction field with business opportunities at all stages of the construction process.

According to the company’s about us page, they claim their proprietary research methods have allowed them to create multiple relationships with thousands of architects, contractors, governmental agencies, municipalities and engineers, which allows the company to create the most accurate picture of today’s current construction landscape.

Today, the note they offer more projects than any other lead service due to the comprehensive database.

BidClerk Subscription Cost
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How much does BidClerk cost?

In order to see the pricing, the costs of BidClerk will depend on a few factors:  the market you want to sign up for, the number of counties you want and if you want to add additional premium add-ons such as adding additional markets, plans, complete contact information or adding the Canada market, to name a few.

From what we saw from the prices, the costs at the time of this publishing, on average, would cost $79.95 a month for one select market and would include unlimited access to all of the project details in that area only.

At the time of this publishing, the company was offering a 3-day trial as well for $5.95.  Like most subscription services, your payment method on file would be billed automatically, regardless of the option you choose unless you cancel.

As for the upgrade options, it appeared they were available; however, if you wanted to take advantage of these, you would have to call the company directly for more information.  If you were to choose these premium add-ons, then this could increase the costs.

What’s included in the fee?

The company notes that they add more than 400,000 projects each year with more than 1.1 million active contacts, allowing those who sign to get to work.   As a member, the company offers access to the following features as part of the monthly fee:

Search features – Premium members have a variety of search options, including the powerful advanced search, allowing you to browse project details, contact information and collect data in a matter of minutes.  Other search features include saving searches you can access at any time, advanced sorting methods, which can help you sort via specific metrics, and a search tag option, allowing you to set a filter of search tag options, which will then filter the results based on this data.

Project details – As for the project information, the company promises the right contacts, complete with full details such as the description of the project, the type of project, important dates and any related documents in relation to the project.  It will also include additional information such as the phone number, fax, email, mailing address and more.   This way, you will have all of the necessary information in order to place an accurate bid.  Aside from this, you can also receive the crucial contact information for the person in charge for the project, location controls to help you pinpoint the exact location you’re willing to work, downloadable file options and the option to connect with the industry players via LinkedIn.

Premium features – To stay ahead of the competition, BidClerk also offers a mobile-friendly website, email reminder set up option, the ability to share project details, calendar export and a bidder’s directory, which offers you the chance to network with the bidder on projects.

BidClerk reviews – what do contractors think?

We found multiple threads on the website and from what we did read in the threads, the reviews seemed to be mixed.  Some contractors seemed to have great luck with it, finding the fees were worth it, while others said the jobs were too big and if you were a smaller fish in the pond, then you would find yourself competing with 50 other contractors.  Based on these reviews, it appears will be highly dependent upon your area, what kind of jobs you’re looking for and how you plan on bidding on the project.  For project listings, they seem to be there, but with so many factors, it’s hard to give a final review as to what people think of it overall.

On, most complained about the billing practices.

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