How Much Does Dog Bladder Stones Surgery Cost?

Bladder stones (uroliths or cystic calculi) in dogs, just like humans, will form due to the crystals which form in the urine.  These crystals, over time, will form when the salt concentration is too high in the urine.  If this level is too high, then the excessive amount will form these crystals, joining together, ultimately forming the “stones.”  As time goes on, these stones can cause irritation, discomfort or in a worst-case scenario, they can get stuck within the urethra, causing an obstruction of the urine flow — a problem which calls for an emergency vet.

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How much does bladder stone treatment cost for a dog?

Treatment OptionWhen PrescribedAverage Cost
Prescription Dog Food/MedicinePrescription dog food will often be the number one option as long as the bladder stones are manageable. This prescription-based dog food will be specially formulated to dissolve the crystals along with antibiotics to treat a urinary infection if present. Even after the bladder stones are gone, your vet may recommend your dog stays on the prescription-based food for life.$40~ per 8-pound bag + $5~ for 30 Amoxicillin tablets
UrohydropropulsionThis technique may be used if the stones are smaller and are dislodged in the urethra. During this procedure, a urinary catheter, while the dog is sedated, will flush the bladder with a sterile saline solution.$375 to $800
Laser lithotripsyNot commonly found at many veterinarian offices, this treatment, guided by a laser, breaks up the stones in order for them to be passed naturally. As compared to the other surgical methods listed here, this process is less evasive and has a faster recovery time.$1,000 to $1,500
Surgery (cystotomy)Surgery, usually the last resort, will only be recommended if the dog food and/or diet plan is not working according to plan and/or if the stones are too large to pass naturally. Known as a cystotomy, a surgical opening is created in the wall of the urinary bladder while the dog is anesthetized.$700 to $1,700 total

NOTE:  Remember, the costs above will not include the diagnosis.  As mentioned, it is best to budget and add $350 to $850 to the totals.

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