How Much Does Boat Storage Cost?

Boat storage is used by those who, due to the size of many boats, cannot keep their boat at home or at the marina during the colder months.  If you live in an area where the weather is mild enough to leave your boat in year round, you will not have to worry about boat storage; however, in the colder states, the lakes can freeze, causing damage to the boat.  The cold temperature of the water, even if it doesn’t freeze, can also do some damage.  Because of this, many people have to turn to a storage facility to store their boat so it can be off the water.  These facilities will charge based on the size of the boat, the type of storage, the duration and if they have to pick up the boat.

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How much does boat storage cost?

Type of Boat StorageDescriptionAverage Price (per month)
Boat StorageThis is the cheapest option to protect your boat from the outside elements. Similar to a self-storage facility, your boat will stored inside a private-like garage. The only downfall, however, is that these garages will typically store boats shorter than 30 feet. If going this route, you will more than likely see two options: a 10x20 or a 10x30.$125 to $275
Outside StorageLike the name implies, your boat will be parked outside in a designated parking spots. Some spots may be covered, whereas others will be a parking spot and that's it. In most circumstances, these storage facilities will be found near marinas, lakes and rivers.$25 (less than 21 feet) to as much as $75 (35-40 feet)
Stack/Dry StorageA common method for boat storage is via the stack/dry method. Whether it's a lift that lifts the boat above water or inside a stacked storage facility, this option can be cheaper if your boat doesn't leave the water, but like an outdoor parking spot, your boat may be exposed to the outdoor elements. If using a dry rack, most facilities cap its length limits at 35 feet.$300 to $600, depending on the rack height.
IndoorAn indoor boat storage facility can look similar to an airport hangar, where a handful of boats can be stored inside. This option is often recommended for larger-than-average boat.$100 (less than 15 feet) to $450 (40-45 feet)

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