How Much Does Book Binding Cost?

Bookbinding is the process used to put the pages of a book together.  As an ancient art of connecting the individual pages of a book into a single volume, bookbinding services have grown from simple binding into more creative techniques to make binding easier.  Although bookbinding can be done without the help of an adept hand, opting for skilled artisans or bookbinders is still a great decision to ensure quality work in the end.

Spell bound? by Bruce Guenter, on Flickr
Spell bound?” (CC BY 2.0) by Bruce Guenter

How much does book binding cost?

Binding TypeDescriptionAverage Price (per book)
Thesis and DissertationUsually swen together with a cloth-based material in various colors. Letters may be stamped on the cover, depending on professional$40 to $65
Leather BindingThe price of a leather binding will depend on the leather being used, which extras are involved and how thick the book is.$125 to $275
PeriodicalThe cost will depend on the length of the spine and is commonly done to older newspapers or magazines.$35 to $75.
Plastic spiralCommonly done at a local print shop, a plastic spiral binding will use just that -- a cheap-like spiral and will commonly use a plastic cover.$5 to $10
HardcoverJust like a hardcover book, the pages will be binded to resemble a hardcover book you would find at a local library.$20 to $35
SoftcoverThe opposite of a hardcover, a softcover binding will be flimsier, almost similiar to that of a spiral binding.$7 to $30

Factors that affect the price:

What is going to be included?

What are the extra costs?

How can I save money?

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