How Much Does Bordetella Vaccine Cost?

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The Bordetella vaccine will fight kennel cough, a viral infection that affects the animal’s’ respiratory system and commonly leads to pneumonia.  The Bordetella vaccine is one of the common vaccines administered when dogs come in for their routine vaccinations.

The bordetella vaccine will prevent Kennel cough, commonly caused by several viral species such as the coronavirus and canine adenovirus.  With the help of the Bordetella vaccine, the immune system will release antibodies to counteract viruses in the dog’s body.

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How much does the Bordetella vaccine cost for a dog?

On average, a bundle of vaccinations, which commonly includes the bordetella vaccination, can range anywhere from $20 to close to $150 in the first year and anywhere from $10 to $100 per year afterward.  These prices will vary from one vet clinic to another, and the price can also be different depending on the size of your dog since larger dogs will require a higher dosage.  Most vet clinics will include the bordetella vaccines with a package of other vaccine shots that need to be administered at the time; however, if you wanted the bordetella vaccination only, then the costs, without any vet visit fee tacked on, would be $19 to $45, on average.   Check out our table below to see what local vets in our area were charging for the examination.

PetCareRX says the average cost for this non-core vaccine can cost $10 to $15, but it’s best to double the cost if it’s being administered professionally.

Canine College did a study and talked with a few local vets, and they had found the vaccination alone would range anywhere from $12 to $38, with some vets charging about $48 for the office examination fee.

However, if you administered it on your own, the prices could be as low as $5.  At Doctors Foster and Smith, a 10 dose vial retails for $40, for example.

Who We ContactedPrice Quoted
Vet Clinic #1$25 for vaccination + $50 office visit
Vet Clinic #2$35 for vaccination + $45 office visit
Vet Clinic #3$37 for vaccination + $38 office visit
Vet Clinic #4$28 for vaccination + $55 office visit
Vet Clinic #5$25 for vaccination + NO office visit
Rescue Group #1$15 for ANY vaccination
Rescue Group #2$20 for ANY vaccination
Tractor Supply$6 for the vaccine only (you would have to administer)

Factors that affect the price:

The vet clinic and geographical location

The price for administering the Bordetella vaccine can differ from one clinic to another, and of course, where you live since the cost of living greatly varies across the United States.

The vaccination package

As mentioned, most clinics offer vaccination packages which can often include the bordetella vaccine.  If you were to choose a package, then the costs could be higher, but with this high cost, you would receive more vaccines.

Bordetella vaccine overview

The Bordetella vaccine can be administered as early as three weeks, depending on the product label, but generally, it’s administered at six to eight weeks, followed by a booster around the 10-week mark.  For dogs older than 16 weeks, the intranasal vaccine will be given once, while the injectable will be given twice, spread out two to four weeks apart.

Vets will always consider this an optional vaccine and will let you decide if you want your dog to receive it.

The bordetella vaccine is made of bacterial culture known as Bordetella bronchiseptica.  This is the bacterial species that causes kennel cough among dogs.  Once administered, the dog’s body will become immune to the bacterium; however, this will not fully restrict a kennel cough from occurring.

What are the extra costs?

The prices noted above won’t include the vet office visit fee if you were to have the vaccination administered at the vet’s office.  A vet’s office fee will depend on where you live, but on average, it should be inside the $45 to $65 range.

A Bordetella booster should be administered given every six to 12 months, depending on the dog’s exposure risk.

Tips to know:

Bordetella vaccine has known side effects.  Some experts say that side effects can include soreness at the injection site, hives, nausea, diarrhea or, in extreme circumstances, even death.

It must be known that vaccination is only a preventive measure, not a cure.  Administering vaccines will greatly improve their immune system; however, vaccinations are not 100% guaranteed.  Your dog, in some circumstances, may need separate medication in the event that its immune system has been weakened.

How can I save money?

Talk with your local Humane Society or a rescue group as some have low-cost vet clinics that can be much cheaper than your local vets.

Shop around in your area.  In the study we had cited above, they had found some vet offices that were willing to waive the office visit fees.  Most vet clinics will be more than happy to provide you with a quote over the phone.

If you are purchasing a new puppy, find a breeder that includes the puppy vaccinations with the adoption.

Consider administering the vaccination on your own.  Tractor Supply, for example, sells the vaccination for $5.99.

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