How Much Does a Bradford Pear Tree Cost?

A Bradford Pear Tree makes a good shade tree and its fruits and white flowers are a wonderful sight, especially during the spring and summer.  The Bradford Pear Tree traces its roots to China and Korea.  It is a fast growing tree where the flowers grow early in spring before the leaves appear.  Not only is the tree beautiful in the spring with the white blossomed flowers, but the leaves in the summer are beautiful shades of green.  In the fall, however, is when most people fall in love with the tree.  The leaves turn into a beautiful collaboration of red, orange, and maroon.  This is much different from the yellow leaves on other trees, making the tree really stand out.

Pear Tree Path - Avenefica by Avia Venefica, on Flickr
Pear Tree Path – Avenefica” (CC BY 2.0) by  Avia Venefica

How much does it cost?                 

Price Range
2-4 feet
$5 to $15
4-5 feet
$10 to $18
5-6 feet
$15 to $24
6-7 feet
$25 to $35
7-8 feet
$49 to $65
8-9 feet
$70 to $85
9-10 feet
$85 to $135

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