How Much Does a Bradford Pear Tree Cost?

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Last Updated:  August 14, 2018

A Bradford pear tree is known as a great shade tree, and its fruits and white flowers are a wonderful sight, especially during the spring and summer.

This tree traces its roots to China and Korea and is a fast growing tree, where the flowers grow early in spring before the leaves appear.  Not only is the tree beautiful in the spring with the white blossomed flowers, but the leaves in the summer are beautiful shades of green.  In the fall, however, is when most people fall in love with the tree; the leaves turn into a beautiful collaboration of red, orange, and maroon.  This is much different from the yellow leaves on other trees, making the tree really stand out.

Pear Tree Path - Avenefica by Avia Venefica, on Flickr
Pear Tree Path – Avenefica” (CC BY 2.0) by  Avia Venefica

How much does a Bradford pear tree cost?

The cost of a Bradford pear tree depends on the nursery, size, age and quality.  The costs, depending on these factors, can range from as little as $5 to as much as $200+

The estimates noted above, when purchased from a local nursery or online, will include the tree and a simple pot with potting soil.  Depending on the nursery, they may include delivery and the planting for free if you meet the nursery’s requirements.

At Lowe’s, for instance, a 10.25-gallon Bradford flowering tree retails for close to $100.

The Nursery at Ty Ty lists its prices, with prices ranging anywhere from $13 for a three-foot-tall tree to as much as $100 for a nine-foot-tall tree.

SizePrice Range
2-4 feet$5 to $15
4-5 feet$10 to $18
5-6 feet$15 to $24
6-7 feet$25 to $35
7-8 feet$49 to $65
8-9 feet$70 to $85
9-10 feet$85 to $135

What are the extra costs?

If the nursery doesn’t include the delivery and/or planting, this could be an additional $100 to $250, depending on the distance traveled and the size of the tree.

You may need to consider fertilizer in the beginning to encourage growth.  A good bag of fertilizer will cost less than $15.

This type of tree needs to be pruned at least every three to five years.  For every pruning, plan on budgeting at least $150 if you were to hire a professional

Tips to know:

This tree, when it reaches maturity, can grow up to 50 feet tall and 40 feet wide.

During the springtime, white blossoms will appear with colorful foliage during the fall.

This tree grows the best in zones five to 10.

This type of tree is known for its fast growth, beautiful fall colors and its tight form.  Known to withstand droughts, this type of tree can actually add thousands of dollars of value to a home.

Bradford pear trees, if left unpruned, may fall after 10 years or so.  During the first few years of your tree, you can start to prune it to avoid having the limbs grow hard.  This process can help prolong the lifespan of the Bradford Pear Tree.

There are some negative aspects when planting a Bradford pear tree.  The lifespan of the tree, even with proper care and pruning, is about 25 years.  If you are purchasing a home that had the trees planted 20 years ago, you will need to be prepared for the cost of replacing the tree.  Most Bradford pear trees have very shallow roots that cause the trees to split over time.  This can even happen overnight in bad weather conditions.

Another negative thing about the Bradford pear tree is that it doesn’t bear edible fruit, even though it has a fruit name.  The fruit that it does produce is very small, hard and is mostly eaten by birds or squirrels.

Don’t plan on growing grass under the tree as the dense branching may prevent it from growing.

Think twice before planting a Bradford pear tree.  According to Wellness Mama and Growing the Home Garden, this tree is known to be structurally weak, it prevents grass from growing, it can get too big and they smell really bad, often affecting your property values.

How can I save money?

Because this tree is a fast growing tree, you can save money by purchasing the smallest size and then allowing it to grow naturally.

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