Bridgeport Art Center Wedding Cost

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The Bridgeport Art Center, located in Chicago, Illinois, about five miles from the downtown center, offers two wedding venue locations for soon-to-be couples:  the Skyline Loft, which offers sweeping skyline views of Chicago and the Sculpture Garden event space, offering both an indoor and outdoor space.

Located inside of a historic building built in the early 1900s, it was recently rehabbed while keeping its raw feel, according to the website, making it one of the most unique wedding locations in all of Chicago.

Bridgeport Art Center Wedding Cost
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Bridgeport Art Center wedding cost

The costs of having a wedding at the Bridgeport Art Center, like many wedding venues, will greatly depend on the time of year you want to get married, the number of attendees and which location within the venue you want to reserve.  Based on these factors and the quotes we researched online, to get married here, the costs seem to be within the $6,500 to $13,500 range for just the rental fee.  These are just estimates and were gathered from unconfirmed third-party resources, so do use it as an estimate only.  For exact information, we highly recommend you contact the venue directly as everyone will have varying quotes and results.

Up to 250 Guests:- Sunday – Thursday: $6,500
- Friday: $7,500
- Saturday: $11,500
251 to 500 Guests:- Sunday – Thursday: $7,500
- Friday: $8,500
- Saturday: $12,500
501 Guests & Up:- Sunday – Thursday: $8,500
- Friday: $9,500
- Saturday – $13,500

NOTE:  Holiday pricing will apply and a $1,500 deposit is required for the bar and another 50% deposit to secure the date of the wedding.  Discounts are available for non-profit organizations and military personnel.  Weekly rates are also available upon request.

As for catering, the costs will depend on many factors, including the caterer you choose, the number of guests and the type of food served.  Since you have to choose from a list of approved caterers, the costs will depend on which one you choose, but states you should be budget about $100 per person for the food and another $32 per person if you were to choose a five-hour premium bar package.

Standard Bar$27/pp
Premium Bar$32/pp
Luxury Bar$37/pp

NOTE: Prices will not include the bar staff fees, which average $27 an hour for a bartender and another $37 an hour for supervisor. recommends one of each staff member per 75 guests.

Chicago Magazine notes the rental fee is $11,500 and is considered as a “large” venue for future wedding parties.

What’s included in the quote?

The Skyline Loft, as per Venue Logic Chicago, will include the following inclusions as part of the fees mentioned prior:

The Sculpture Garden, as per the official website, includes the following:


The Skyline Loft

The Skyline Loft can accommodate up to 1,200, depending on the arrangement, while a seated dinner can accommodate up to 900.  The entire Skyline Loft is 18,000 square feet and can be divided to accommodate special requests such as a ceremony area, reception area and/or dance floor, for instance.

The interior offers exposed brick walls, solid wood floors and 15-foot wood beamed ceilings, all while offers city views and the South branch of the Chicago River. Above, 120 linear feet of skylights run along the entire length of the space.  Unique draping is included in the rental fee as well.

An elevator is available for cars and objects up to an 8,000-pound maximum.  A separate service elevator is also available.

On-site recycling, as well as an on-site catering kitchen, is available for use.

Sculpture Garden

The Sculpture Garden venue offers 12,000 square feet of space inside as well as 6,000 square feet on the outside, with a cocktail party able to accommodate up to 900 guests.  Sit-down setups can accommodate up to 550 guests.  To see floor plans, a 360-degree tour and pictures of the venue itself, you can view them via the official website.

Tips to know

All caterers and event production professionals must be selected from the venue’s official vendor list.

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