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Founded by Jacqueline Dawes, the Brookhaven Retreat is considered to be an upscale and unique women’s treatment facility that is located just outside of Seymour, Tennessee, equipped to help treat bipolar disorders, social anxiety, sexual assault, depression and trauma, to name a few.

The facility truly believes that beneath all of these addictive behaviors is an “emotional breakage,” with a goal to offer each woman the tools they need to help tap into their own intuition by self-defeating the noise inside of their heads.

Brookhaven Retreat Cost
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How much does the Brookhaven Retreat cost?

The official website of the retreat,, doesn’t note the pricing structure, like most retreat centers; instead, they ask you either call them directly at 888.919.6050 or e-mail them directly for more information.  They are said to be available 24/7.

As for health insurance coverage, since they are a private treatment center, they do not accept any type of insurance.

While the official company doesn’t list the pricing, we did find multiple people, which we share in the table below, who shared their experiences and the costs they paid on third-party websites, but as we always mention, these prices come from third-party sources and cannot be deemed accurate.  For accurate pricing information for your particular circumstances, it’s highly advisable you contact the retreat center for a fast and confidential response.

Collecting the data from multiple websites, it appears the program is in the $49,000 a month range, with the retreat center offering 30, 60 and 90-day programs, with the length dependent upon the patient’s individual circumstances.

Price paidSource
$45,000 for first month, followed by $45,000 for second monthComment on
$49,000 a monthComment on
$49,000 a monthYelp review
$49,000 a monthYelp review (under not recommended)
$135,000 for 90 daysYelp review (under not recommended)
$234,000 for single private room treatment for 90 days or $117,000 for shared roomYelp review (under not recommended)
$117,000 for 90 daysRoberta M. Helming blog post

The Brookhaven Retreat facility

The Brookhaven Retreat facility is located on 48 acres and offers 38 beds inside of a ranch facility, nestled in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains.  On the grounds, patients will find natural trials, plenty of walking paths, secluded gazebos and a horse stable.  Every room, inside of the ranch, is painted in warm colors, furnished with single captain’s beds in a Laura Ashley-type decor, according to and is available either a private or shared room option.

The food offered at the facility focuses on local fresh and organic produce and market-fresh food, with each meal catered to each patient’s needs, specifically designed by the on-site nutritionist and prepared daily by the chefs.

Some of the amenities and offerings offered at the facility include transportation to the airport, housekeeping, shopping trips, on-site laundry, washing, computer/phone privileges and passes to visit family when necessary.  Spa services, said to be available for an additional charge, are also available, including massages, hair and manicures, to name a few.


The retreat, according to the official website, uses a contemporary holistic integrated care approach, managed by the Program and Medical Doctor.

Offering a variety of programs, the retreat uses the Lily Program®, an emotional regulation program, which is a 90-day program broken down into 30-day segments, and the retreat also offers Poncho®, the center’s proprietary life realignment program, available as a 30 or 60-day program, offered after your first 30 days.

Additional programs include residential tracts for mental health and substance abuse, a medication management program as well as a full alcohol and substance medical detoxification.  For more information in regards to the retreat’s treatment service, refer to their official website and contact them for more information.

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