How Much Does a Brookline Country Club Membership Cost?

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The Brookline Country Club, or simply referred to as the Country Club, has long been regarded as one the best course in Massachusetts and has played host to 10 Massachusetts State Amateur Championships.  It’s also known as one of the most exclusive clubs in the United States.

Located in Brookline, Massachusetts, this club is one of the original country clubs in the United States and holds a significant place in golf history

Being one of the first five charter clubs that established the United States Golf Association, it was the first club that formed in America in 1882.

From that time, the club hosted several USGA tournaments, including the 1913 U.S. Open, which was won by then undiscovered golf player Francis Ouimet, a 20-year-old caddie at the club who defeated the two top players of his time, Harry Vardon and Ted Ray on the 18-hole golf course.

How much does a Brookline Country Club membership cost?

The club, being so exclusive it has even denied the then governor Deval Patrick, the costs are extremely hard to find.  Even if you were able to find the costs of a membership, the chances of gaining access to this club are slim to nil. All applicants must be sponsored by two current members and must provide the committee with testimonials from seven other people who the applicant has a personal relationship with, according to the Boston Club.  Also, as part of this process, applicants will need to attend a cocktail reception held at a club with the committee.  With much information and the club refusing to share numbers, it can be assumed that the one-time initiation fees to join are in the $xxx,xxx range and monthly dues will easily surpass $x,xxx per month.  These estimates are based on numbers compared to related clubs.

Brookline Country Club overview

The club’s club features both informal and formal dining options, a fully stocked wine cellar, nine tennis courts, an Olympic-sized pool, a poolside snack bar, curling rink, skeet shooting range, and in the winter, the lake on site is transformed into an ice skating rink.

Tips to know:

The club, surrounded by enormous fences and even a “wooden” mannequin guard referred to as Woody, according to

Holding old school traditions to its heart, all players are required to walk unless medically exempted.

In 2022, this course will be hosting the US Open.

In the summer of 2017, the Boston Globe reported the club admitted Tom Brady and his wife, Gisele Bundchen.

As of 2017, the club has 1,300 members.

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