Brotherhood Winery Wedding Cost

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Founded in 1810 by French émigré Jean Jaques, the Brotherhood Winery has a rich history, offering plenty of charm and drama for any wedding.  Recently undergoing a massive restoration in 2011, the venue still offers its charming feel but doesn’t have the dated look it once had.

Brotherhood Winery Wedding Cost
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Brotherhood Winery wedding cost per person

The costs of a wedding at the Brotherhood Winery, as with most venues, will depend on the time of year, the day of the week and the inclusions you wish to have during your special day.  The site fees on its own, according to HV Magazine, start at $6,500 and increase from there based on the factors we just mentioned.

As for the food and beverages, you can work with several on-site caterers, and depending on your choice of caterer and the food options you want, the price per person can greatly vary depending on this, but you should be prepared to budget $60 to $120+ per person.  According to one member on this forum thread, she was quoted $60 a head with a caterer in the area when she was working with the venue, while another person on that same thread said she found it hard to find anyone charging less than $100 a head.

According to one member on this forum thread, for instance, she said she was quoted $7,500 for the rental and this included the tables, chairs and a champagne toast.

On, one bride said she paid $6,500 for the site fee and another $15,000 for the food and bar for her 140 guest wedding.

Site Feestarts at $6,500
Alcohol$30+ per head for open bar setup

The venue

The Grand Monarque Hall, an open indoor floor plan offering a 19th-century modern feel, offers more than 5,000 square foot of space, allowing you create multiple floor plans of all kinds of sizes and types.  The building offers handcrafted wooden floors, exposed wood beams, wrought iron chandeliers, when all combined, offering an old world feel.

Outside of the Grand Monarque Hall lies the cobblestone patio, extending the event outdoors during the warmer months and is often used for the cocktail hour.  The maximum capacity, according to, is 224.

As for the ceremony, the Brotherhood offers a small, historical chapel or the outdoor gazebo which is set in the vineyard.

Tips to know

According to someone who did get a quote here, she mentioned the venue does not allow candles, so you need to be prepared to use LED versions.  The same source also noted there’s no separate private room to store any items during the wedding.

The venue will provide you with a list of preferred vendors who have worked with the venue before and are comfortable with the space.  If you do decide to choose a caterer, former couples mention you should be prepared to find one who has a liquor license; if not, you will have to hire an outside bartender, increasing your costs.

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