How Much Does Brush Removal Cost?

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Brush removal can range from using a chainsaw to larger excavators and backhoes to remove certain obstacles on a piece of land, ranging from rocks, bushes to trees.

If the brush is being removed for farmland purposes, then the entire plot of land would have to be cleared, whereas a hiking trail will only require a limited path cleared.

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How much does brush removal cost?

The costs of brush removal will greatly depend on the size of the land, what you want to remove, how land is laid out, the contractor you hire, your geographical location and local regulations.

On average, be prepared to budget about $1 to $2.25 per square foot for brush removal in most situations; however, if you want to get quotes by the acre, the costs can be anywhere from $150 for a simple cut with light brush to as much as $2,000 or more for lots that need to have trees, vines, and excessive brush removed.  To budget properly, plan on spending around $250 to $700 per acre. 

Some companies may charge for brush removal by the hour, plus the costs of disposing of the waste, which can range from $25 to $40 per person, per hour, with typical jobs employing two to three people on site.  As for the trips to the local dump, it will, again, depend on the size of your job.

As you can see, there are quite a few factors when receiving a quote.  If you want to receive an estimate for your job, we highly recommend, a free quote tool you can use to receive multiple quotes from licensed contractors in your area.

For example, members on this forum thread on claimed that it could be anywhere from $150 to upwards of $5,000 per acre.  The costs, according to most, would heavily depend on what you want to have done and how much brush needs to be removed.

Brush removal overview

Clearing brush is generally going to involve clearing out brush, trees, vines, hauling and brush hogging — basically anything covering the ground that can be removed, according to the property owner’s specifications.  Special brush cutters, often a bulldozer using a roof rake or backhoe, are going to be required to get rid of the brush.  Depending on the complexity of the clearing, chainsaws and/or tree stump grinders may be used to clear any trees.

A common way to get rid of the brush can involve mulching.  This is the process where the equipment can mulch the trees, leaving nutrient-rich chips behind.  This is a great way to help the soil and avoid large disposal fees.

What are the extra costs?

Removing tree stumps, if necessary, can cost another $40 to $80.

Depending on your local laws, a permit may have to be pulled before the work begins.  This isn’t always the case, but if so, it shouldn’t cost more than $150.

Fence removing, creating trails, or accommodating special requests can lead to additional charges.

Depending on what is removed, you may have to pay to have the debris hauled away.  The company you hire may include this in the estimate, but this is not always the case.  Each truckload, depending on the volume, can cost $100 to $500, on average.

Tips to know:

If you plan on clearing a lot of trees, consider talking with a few local timber companies.  Some companies may be interested in purchasing or hauling your timber away for free.

How to clear brush and small trees

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