How Much Does Brush Removal Cost?

Brush removal refers to getting rid of all the leaves, branches, and other items in your yard.  This is usually done in the late fall for leaves or in the early spring for branches and trees.

Those who own more than an acre of land will often find that a lot of their land is often filled with a lot of debris and brush.  One of the main problems with trying to perform this job by yourself is that you do not have the tools and machines to make sure that the roots of the unwanted brush are removed rather than just the part that is above the ground.  Since it would take a long time to remove this brush manually, many land owners prefer a professional company.  The cost of removing brush from your property professionally will depend on the size of the land, the complexity of the job, and the amount of brush that needs to be cleared.

Cleaning Brush by WhitA, on Flickr
Cleaning Brush” (CC BY 2.0) by  WhitA

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