Calamigos Ranch Wedding Cost

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About an hour drive away from the heart of Los Angeles in Malibu, California, the Calamigos Ranch, located on a sprawling, woodsy property, covering more than 130 acres, feels as if you’re in an entirely different world away from the hustle and bustle California is known for.

Built in 1974 and located in the heart of Malibu’s wine country along the Santa Monica Mountains, the Ranch offers a variety of venue options, each offering its own feel and unique atmosphere.

Calamigos Ranch Wedding Cost
Santa Monica Mountains” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by YisongYue

How much does a wedding at Calamigos Ranch cost?

At the Calamigos Ranch, there are four sites you can choose from, with each offering an accompanying banquet hall with fireplaces, as per  The costs of getting married at the Calamigos Ranch will depend on the site you choose within the ranch, the day of your wedding, the time of year and the number of guests attending.  The rental fee, as well as food and beverages, regardless of which option you choose, can range from $117 to $134+ per person and below, we will discuss the venue options as well as what is included in the fee.

85-150 guests$121/person average
151-250 guests$119/person average
251-400 guests$117/person average
Saturday or Holiday Sunday?+ $10/person to totals above

NOTE:  These are prices sourced from third-parties online and are not deemed to be accurate.  Use as an estimate only; for accurate pricing, we highly advise you contact the venue directly for exact pricing information. confirms the prices can range from $135 to $143 per person, with wedding package customizations available. states the prices start at $134+ per person.

Upgrade options

As noted below, the standard food options include a dinner salad, choice of two entrees and a vegetarian option.  Additional salads are available for an additional $2 per person and additional entrees are available for $6 per person.

An optional selection of three passed hors-d’oeuvres are available for about $11 per person.

The package estimates above include three hours of beverage service, including unlimited wine, beer, soda and champagne, but you can extend the bar for $5 per person, per hour.  A cash bar is also available for $375 per bartender.

Couples can also upgrade the bar, and depending on the selection, this can increase the costs above by $18 to $25 per person, with additional hours available.

A champagne toast is available for $2.50 per person.

Chiavari chairs can be upgraded for $4 per chair.

Outdoor heat lamps are available for $50 each during the colder months.

A ferris wheel can be rented for $2,500 per event.

A merry go round can be rented for $675 per event.

Venue options

Venue OptionDescription/Capacity
Garden Patio- Reception takes place in the main dining room
- Accommodates up to 280 guests
Ranch House- Ceremony takes place in the nearby meadow, with reception held at the Ranch House
- Accommodates up to 140 guests
Cottage Pavillion- Ceremonies are held beneath the nearby oak tree and the reception is held at the Cottage Pavillion
- Accommodates up to 500 guests
The Oaks- Ceremonies take place on the deck, with the reception held across the pond outdoors
- Accommodates up to 180 guests

To learn more about each venue and see the official pictures, you can do so via the official website at

What’s included in the fee?

The site rental fee and the setup for both the ceremony and the reception

All tables, chairs, linens, china and silver, including your choice of color both the tablecloths and napkins

During the ceremony, a white aisle runner and garden chairs are included

Two hours prior to the ceremony, couples are provided private dressing rooms

Complimentary valet parking

Cake cutting service

Food and beverages of choice, with the standard package including a salad, a choice of two entrees and one vegetarian option as well as three-hour beverage service, including unlimited wine, beer, soda and champagne

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