The Camp Transformation Center Cost

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Last Updated:  August 13, 2018

The Camp Transformation Center, known for its “free” six-week weight loss challenge, has multiple locations nationwide, with franchise opportunities available who are interested in opening a center in their area.

This unique fitness concept allows members, throughout their communities, to lose weight in a six-week weight loss challenge by using high interval training, a specific nutrition plan with supplements and trainers inside the gym who are able to help you lose weight, all while tracking your results.  Even after the challenge completes, many members do decide to stay with the center, paying gym membership fees just like any other gym.

“Empowering our community through health and fitness,” as the company claims, they state the program is addictive and once customers see the results, they are immediately hooked.

The Camp Transformation Center Cost
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How much does The Camp Transformation Center cost?

Like most gym websites, the official pricing is hard to find, but with the help of third-party websites, such as Yelp, we were able to see what people were paying across the United States.

According to multiple reports online, the pricing structure works the same way.  Upon sign up, you will be asked to put down a $497 depositand if you lose 20 pounds in six weeks, you will receive your deposit back or will have the option to apply the deposit toward future monthly membership fees if you do decide to stay; however, as with any deposit, there are stipulations to receive your deposit back, which we will get into below.

With the first six weeks technically being “free,” only if you lose your weight and follow the rules, you will still have to pay if you want to continue to take part in the gym activities, with costs reportedly being $125~ a month for unlimited workouts.  These prices can and will vary based on local locations.

According to one Yelp reviewer, she stated she was quoted $127 a month for unlimited workouts after you place the deposit and complete the “free” six-week challenge.

How does the Camp Transformation Center work?

According to one Yelp reviewer we found online, as a challenger, you will first need to agree to the contract, claiming how you will get your $500 back if you complete the challenge in less than six weeks.  Basically, it claims you will need to lose 20 pounds in six weeks, as well as lose five percent of your body fat, and your ending weight must be equal to or less than the weight chart.  A personal trainer will be able to discuss the fine print and what needs to be accomplished in order to receive your deposit back.  Based on the positive reviews we did see online, the gym really did seem as if they wanted to help and were not out to get your money, with the negative reviewers claiming about their deposit and not meeting expectations.

Next, after the contract is signed, you will then be asked to create a Facebook profile photo, showing everyone that you’re participating in the challenge, and as part of the agreement, you will need to work out a minimum of 30 times during the six week duration, all while checking in on the Facebook page every time you enter the gym.  Also, as part of the Facebook protocol, you will also be asked to join a specific “secret group.  During each workout, personal trainers will be on hand to help motivate and push you to meet your goals, all while answering any questions you may have.

As part of the agreement, you will need to participate in the weekly weigh-ins, allow photos to be taken and after the six weeks complete, you will need to take the final weigh-in, along with pictures.  Within seven days of completion, you will need to write a Facebook and Yelp review, tag the director and participate in a survey.

After everything completes, you will then have the option to participate in the six-week challenge yet again, with the same restrictions in order to get your deposit back, but if you deny this choice and wish to stay, then you can continue to partake at the gym for a monthly membership fee.

To read the entire contract and stipulations, someone did post it online.

Tips to know

The company, from sources we talked with, stated you do need to leave a review in order to get your deposit back.  With this being said, it’s important ot read between the lines as some reviewers may have left a positive review to receive their deposit back with no fuss.  Again, this cannot be confirmed by the club, but it was mentioned online and via an interview with a member who wishes to remain anonymous.

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