How Much Do Carnation Flowers Cost?

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Carnation flowers are often used for many different occasions such as Mother’s Day, a wedding, Valentine’s Day and even birthdays.  The carnation has many different colors such as white, red, rose and pink, and some carnations can even be dyed different colors such as blue or multicolor.  Each colored carnation may have its own meaning.  For example, the white carnation is the official flower of many fraternities.

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How much do carnation flowers cost?

On average, carnations of all colors are going to cost anywhere from $1.20 to $1.65 per stem.  Generally, the more that are purchased, the more that you’re going to be able to save per stem.  The cost of carnations will depend on the quantity, the type, color and where you purchase the flowers from.

For example, sells four bunches or 100 stems for $100 or 14 bunches or 350 stems sell for $200, including shipping.

Mini carnations sold through a wholesale club such as Sam’s Club can cost $65 to $80 per 150 stems or $119 to $139 per 300 stems.  Costco sells 150 stems for $80.

A bouquet sent from a local flower company or online can cost $25 to $75 per dozen, depending on the setup.

Carnation overview

There are three common types of carnations:  large flowered, spray carnations and dwarf flowers.  Large-flowered carnations will have one large flower per stem, while a spray carnation, often referred to as a mini carnation, will have a lot of smaller flowers.  A dwarf flowered carnation will have several small flowers on one stem.

The most common colors include pink, light red, dark red, white, green, purple and yellow.  Each one has its own unique style and meaning.

Carnation color meanings

White means good luck and ideal for those graduating or for a going-away gift.

Pink is for unforgettable love and is often handed out on Mother’s Day or for someone for their birthday.

Purple can mean unpredictable and will be given as an apology or to a friend or family member.

Light red means admiration and can be handed out to a recent girlfriend.

Dark red means love and affection and are great for Valentine’s Day, for instance.

Yellow means disappointment and will be given to someone who you are dating but no longer want to date.

What are the extra costs?

Vases or additional decorations can be an additional cost to be considered.

Carnation flowers are one of the only flowers that can be dyed.  If you want to have the carnations dyed as a particular color, many florists will charge extra for this procedure.

Tips to know:

Cutting the base of the flower can create the best plant.  It’s best to cut the base of the flower either in the fall or the winter.  If planting outside of the spring, be sure to place it in a pot for a healthy growth.

Make sure that these carnations get sun for at least a few hours a day.  It’s also essential that the flowers ground is kept moist as well.  If possible, attempt to water on days where it hasn’t rain.

Always make sure that the flowers aren’t in direct sunlight.

Carnations are Ohio’s state flower, a first-anniversary flower and is the January birth month flower.

Once cut, they can last up to 15 days.

How can I save money?

Check with at least three local florists if you’re going to purchase in bulk for an event such as a wedding.

Consider wholesale clubs such as Sam’s Club when purchasing more than 100 stems.

If purchasing a bouquet online through one of the many flower shops, consider looking for coupon codes on sites such as or consider getting cash back through services such as

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