Carondelet House Wedding Cost

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Built in 1928, the Carondelet House, located about one mile west of downtown Los Angeles, offers an Italian-esque villa with urban surroundings.

Designed with rounded archways, brick walls, rich hardwood floors and high ceilings, the house offers a truly romantic atmosphere that soon-to-be-married couples have always envisioned.

Carondelet House Wedding Cost
Carondelet House, Los Angeles” (CC BY 2.0) by Wicker Paradise

The estimated Carondelet House wedding costs

The costs to rent out the Carondelet House, as with just any wedding venue, will greatly depend on the day of the week and the time of the year you want to reserve the space.  From our research, the costs, for both the reception and the ceremony, will range anywhere from $6,500 to $7,500.  This fee would cover eight hours, but additional hours, as per, can be purchased for an additional $500 per hour.  A refundable deposit of $1,500 is required to secure the space.

For couples who just want to use the venue for just the ceremony, the costs will be within the same price range.

The estimated fees will only include the rental costs, not the food and/or alcohol.  If you were to factor this into your budget, then the venue does ask for a $10,000 food and beverage minimum via their caterer, however, according to, couples are allowed to use an outside caterer if they paid the kitchen buyout fee of $5,000.  Any caterer who has not worked with this venue will be asked to be approved before working with the wedding.  The website notes couples should be prepared to spend $180 per person for a full bar, plated meal and all service fees.

Breaking down the costs
Saturdays (Up to 150 Guests)- $6,500 for 10 hours (Tres LA Caterer w/ a $10,000 food and beverage minimum)
- $12,500 for 10 hours with outside caterer
All Other Days (Up to 150 Guests)- $5,500 for 10 hours (Tres L.A. Caterer w/ $10,000 food and beverage minimum)
- $6,500 for 10 hours (Tres L.A. Caterer w/ $7,000 food and beverage minimum)
- $11,500 for 10 hours (Outside Caterer)
151+ guests (300 max)- $8,000 for 10 hours (Tres L.A. Caterer)
- $14,200 for 10 hours (Outside Caterer)
Each additional hour will cost $500/hr
Food average will be $180/pp, which will include full plated meal, full bar and all taxes. This fee, however, can greatly change depending on the setup of your menu, etc.

Taking the fees from the sample menu found here, we were able to break down some of the catering costs if you were to use their approved catering service:

Type of Setup (based on 100 guests and five hour event)Food PriceService PriceTotal Estimate (based on 100 guests)
BuffetHors D'oeuvres and Buffet Dinner: $69/pp
Dessert Station: $8/pp
Full Premium Bar (5 hours): $29/pp
2 captains @ $40/hr
3 bartenders @ $30/hr
6 servers @ $30/hr
Family Style DinnerHors D'oeuvres and Dinner: $75/pp
Family Style Dessert: $6/pp
Full Premium Bar (5 hours): $29/pp
2 captains @ $40/hr
2 bartenders @ $30/hr
11 servers @ $30/hr
Formal Seated DinnerHors D'oeuvres and Dinner: $75/pp
Full Premium Bar (5 hours): $29/pp
2 captains @ $40/hr
2 bartenders @ $30/hr
11 servers @ $30/hr

NOTE:  The catering fees need to be added to the rental fees for an estimate.

The extra fees to consider

A $1,500 deposit is required to reserve the date, but like any deposit, it will be credited 10 days after the wedding date as long as no damage was present.

A $250 cleaning fee will apply.

A site manager will charge up to $45 an hour.

A doorman will cost an average of $40 an hour.

What’s included in the rental fee?

According to the official website, they will include the following:

Four 12-foot long reclaimed country chic tables

65 distressed oak European cafe chairs

12 vintage french round side chairs

A baby grand piano

Lounge seating available in the front room

Leather seating options around the fireplace

16 speaker JBL professional sound system with a wireless microphone and DJ inputs

The venue space

The Carondelet House offers over 7,600 square feet of indoor space, with two open courtyards.  The ceremony usually starts in the Ballroom, which is located in the back of the house and the cocktail hour moves to the front of the home.  The reception will then take place back in the Ballroom, where it will transform into a reception space during the cocktail hour.

For the indoor space, it can accommodate up to 150 seated or up to 300 for a cocktail hour.

400 parking spaces, all within 50 feet of the house, will be available for all guests.

Facts to know

The official website,, offers multiple pictures and a video from previous weddings held here.

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