How Much Does a Wedding at the Castle Hill Inn Cost?

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Located in Newport, Rhode Island, only three hours from New York City, the Castle Inn sprawls more than 40 acres, offering a serene and majestic view, ranging from the historic lighthouse to the vast green lawns rolling down to the ocean.

Tracked back to the late 1800s, when it was the home of the scientist, Alexander Agassiz, the venue, today, offers a variety of ceremony and reception areas for would-be couples.

Wedding at the Castle Hill Inn Cost
Castle Hill Inn & Resort” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Henry Chen

The average reported Castle Hill Inn wedding cost

The cost to have your wedding at the Castle Hill Inn, as with most weddings, will depend on the event date, the start time, the number of people attending, the wedding location at the venue and if any additions are needed.  Since all weddings can be rather unique, even at the same venue, the costs can be all over the place.  From our research, however, we did find the costs could range anywhere from $6,000 for the rental fee for any venue to as much as $200+ per person for the catering, depending on the menu setup.  This would not include the additional service charges and gratuity.  Sources online, while not confirmed, claim the venue will ask for a $50,000+ minimum if booking on an in-demand date.

A blog post on talked about the multiple venues she explored in Massachusetts while venue hunting and noted the Castle Hill Inn asked for a $55,000 minimum for a Saturday Evening.  The average wedding, from what she heard, would cost $75,000 to $100,000 total.

While this forum thread on is older, one member replying on the thread noted she was quoted 50 percent less if she booked her wedding on a Monday.  Her quote, again, while older, was $1,500 for the ceremony, $3,000 for the reception, $50 per person for liquor and $175 per person for the food., in its interactive slideshow, notes the venue rental starts at $6,000, with reception rates average $195 a person.  The room rates start at $465 a night.

What you should know

Catering will be provided on-site, and from the menus we glanced at, it will have a New England-type menu.  The catered menu often begins with hors-d’oeuvres, followed by a three-course plated dinner, followed up with a plated dessert.

All rooms, when booked, will be reserved in five-hour blocks.

Basic reservations, at a minimum, should include all of the basics such as tables, the Chiavari chairs and all dinnerware.

The maximum wedding guest capacity, as per US News, is 400.

The additional costs

The venue can offer lawn games, including croquet, kite flying and bocce ball.

Valet parking is available for all wedding guests.

For the newly wedded couple, the Inn, as you would expect, has a two-bedroom suite available for the wedding night.  Accommodations for the guests of the party are available as well.

For the wedding party, luxury spa options are available, including soaks, massages and facials.

Wedding location options

The Chalet Terrace – This one-of-a-kind Sperry tent offers picturesque views of the Atlantic Ocean and Narragansett Bay.  This outdoor space sprawls out on the lush lawn, created both an indoor reception space and outdoor area where guests can mingle.

The Chalet – Offering an old charm feel, The Chalet is an intimate and enchanting historic room with wood flooring and walls.

The Lighthouse – A figure on the New England coast, this location option can be considered one of the most magical wedding locations on the entire east coast.

The Lawn – A vast sprawled out lawn overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, the lawn can offer a simplistic, yet stunning reception area.

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