How Much Does Cat Blood Work Cost?

Cat blood work is done by extracting a certain amount of blood from the cat and performing a number of tests to produce any relevant findings.  This type of test for your cat will help you discover possible diseases and can also guide the veterinarian with a diagnosis to create a treatment plan for the future.  The most common blood tests run will include FeLV/FIV, total thyroid level, serum chemistry and CBC.

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Common cat blood tests

Type of TestDescription
CBCThis test will measure your cat's white blood cell count.
Critical Care ProfileThis is a standard blood test often performed before a cat goes under the knife for a surgical procedure. This test will help determine if the cat is healthy enough to go under anesthesia.
Glucose CheckThis is a fast blood, usually done within seconds, to test to check a cat's glucose level.
PCVA quick test that's able to check your cat's red blood cell percentage. It can offer an idea if a disease is present.
Serum ChemistryThis test measures your cat's organ enzymes, blood proteins and electrolytes. If the vet has to send to outside lab, it could take up to two to three days to get results.
StandardThis is a test that will combine the serum chemistry, T4 levels and CBC all into one test. This test will require about 2ccs of blood.
Total ProteinsA blood test that will determine if the cat's blood proteins are elevated. It can determine if the is dehydrated or has a systemic inflammatory condition.
T4 ThyroidThis test measures your cat's T4 thyroid hormone levels.

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Average Reported Cost: $160

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  1. Patti (Miller place,  New York) paid $160 and said:

    Chem 25/CBC

    Was it worth it? Yes

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