How Much Does Cat Tail Amputation Cost?

Known as a caudectomy, amputating a cat’s tail is referred to removing the cat’s tail.  The tail may be removed due to an infection, if the skin has died due to frostbite, if the skin is being peeled back due to being “de-gloved,” or due to self-trauma.  The most common reason a cat’s tail is amputated, however, is due to a tail injury, such as getting it stuck inside a door or being run over by a vehicle.

Maine Coon - Creative Commons by gnuckx by gnuckx, on Flickr
Maine Coon – Creative Commons by gnuckx” (Public Domain) by gnuckx

How much does a cat tail amputation cost?

What is going to be included?

 What are the extra costs?

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  1. Anonymous (mary,  Nevada) paid $ and said:

    i just had it done, and it cost $205.00.
    everything for $327.00 🙂
    only thing bad was they do not take pet care credit card…:(

    Was it worth it? Yes

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