Cedar Lakes Estate Wedding Cost

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The Cedar Lakes Estate, founded in the early 1920s, initially started at a summer camp for the inner-city youth as a way to escape the hustle and bustle of New York City.

In the 1990s, however, Steve and Lisa Karvellas purchased the property and transformed it into a family retreat, slowly turning it into an events facility as it is known today.

Sprawling more than 500+ acres about 70 miles from Manhattan, the Estate offers more than just space for a wedding; it’s also known for its forest hiking trails, fire pits, basketball courts, boating options and so much more.

Cedar Lakes Estate Wedding Cost
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How much does a wedding cost at the Cedar Lakes Estate?

The cost of a wedding at the Cedar Lakes Estate, as with any wedding venue, will greatly depend on the number of guests attending, the time of year, the day of the week and any special requests as needed.  Based on all of this information and from the information we researched online via third-party sources, we found the rental fee would range anywhere from $12,500 if booked in April or November and $19,500 for any month from May until October.  Aside from this, WomanGettingMarried.com notes you need to budget another $65,000 plus $25,000 in additional food costs for the entire weekend, including the rehearsal dinner.

In conclusion, once the food and beverage minimum and rental fee are factored in, the average costs of a 200 person wedding would average about $450 per person.  This range would cover the food, beverages and the entire property for the entire weekend, from Friday until Sunday.

Now, if you didn’t want the venue for the entire weekend, then you could opt for the one-day site fee, which would range anywhere from $6,500 in either April or November or $9,500 for any reservation made from May until October.  The food and beverage minimum for the one-day site reservation would also be $65,000, bringing the average cost of a 200 person wedding to about $375 per person.  This fee, as noted, would only include one day, not the entire weekend as mentioned prior.

The food and beverage minimums need to be met, and the venue does require you use the in-house catering service, with the exception of those who need Kosher.  The average person based on the WomanGettingMarried.com numbers tend to be in the $260 per person range plus a 20 percent service fee and additional tax, but this range can greatly vary depending on what kind of meal plan you request.  Do keep in mind, however, that the catering fee is included in our estimates mentioned prior.

Additional costs to consider

If you book the venue for the entire weekend, additional catering costs need to be considered outside of the wedding date.

A 20 percent service fee and taxes are not included in the estimates mentioned above.

For those staying for the weekend, additional activities, while optional, can be added to the bill.  The Blob, for instance, is a giant balloon which sits on the lake can catapult you into the water.  For four hours of unlimited usage and a certified lifeguard at the site, it would cost an additional $550.  A zip line, yet another optional activity, can be added for $1,200 for four hours of usage and would include a certified staff time and the safety equipment.

If booking for the weekend, then most of your guests will more than likely stay at the cottages on site. A one-day wedding does require a one night stay, while the weekend package requires a two-night stay at a minimum.  The pricing for the cottages will depend on the size and time of year books, but nightly rates from from $250 for a one-bedroom to as much as $500 for a three-bedroom suite.

What’s included in the fees?

Whether you choose the one day or the entire weekend, your site fee will include the following amenities:

Venue options

In general, you can utilize any of the 500 acres on the property, but in general, the following, as per our research online, tend to be the most popular options for ceremonies:

The Great Lawn:  Sits about 100 yards away from the Barn to the lake.

Mountain top:  Seating up to 300 people, the mountaintop area, ideal for a ceremony, sits along the Huckleberry Ridge, with a grassy field cleared to say your vows, all while being surrounded by wildflowers.  A wood arbor can be used if you need it, along with wooden benches for your guests.

Outdoor Amphitheatre:  Overlooking the lake on the property, the 85-year-old deck was restored as of late as a place to say your vows.  Secluded within a cluster of pine trees, this space can accommodate a few hundred guests.

As for dining venues, the Estate offers the following options:

Open-air Dining Pavilion:  Equipped with a stone firepit, the Open-air covered Dining Pavilion offers sweeping lake views and aside from cocktail hour, this area can also be used for weekend dinners, a Sunday breakfast/lunch/dinner and/or the cocktail hour on the day of the wedding.

Barn:  The largest venue on site overlooking the lake, measuring 5,400 square feet, the Barn offers floor-to-ceiling glass panels and a reclaimed barn-wood interior.

Tips to know

All outside vendors, with the exception of catering, are allowed.

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