How Much Does a Certified Check Cost?

A certified check is a check that verifies that there is a sufficient amount of funds in the bank account to complete the transaction.  A certified check is commonly used for transactions such as a down payment on a home, a car purchase or a larger purchase where the funds need to be guaranteed, and unlike a normal check, these checks cannot bounce and will ensure the recipient that the cash will be there.  The cost of a certified check will depend on the amount needed and the bank where the transaction is processed.

How much is it?

AllyAt this moment, they don't offer certified checks.
Bank of America$10 for all account holders, but if you're a preferred member, it's free. FYI: This is for a cashier's check, not a certified.
BBT$10 (cashier's check only)
BBVA Compass$8 for cashier's checks for customers only. No certified available.
Capital OneCashier's checks only and will be $10 for customers or $20 for overnight shipping for online customers.
Chase BankFree for all customers. Cashier's checks only.
Citizens Bank$3 for customer
Discover BankFree for all customers. Cashier's checks only.
Key BankFree for premium customers
Pentagon Federal Credit UntionFree for all customers.
PNC BankFree for all customers as long as account has certain balance. Else, $10 per check.
State Farm BankFree for standard delivery and $10 for overnight.
SunTrust Bank$8 for customers and $15 for non-customers
TD Bank$8, but fee is waived if customer has Select or Signature Advantage checking account.
U.S. Bank$7 for cashier's check only. Waived for Platinum or Premium checking account members.
Union Bank$10 for customers and $15 for non-customers. Cashier's checks only.
Wells Fargo$10 or free for those with PMA checking.

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