How Much Does a Charles River Country Club Membership Cost?

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The Charles River Country Club, formed nearly 100 years ago, is known for its long history rich in tradition and heritage.

The club has been host to several prestigious golf courses, including the 2003 USGA Men’s State Team Championship, the 2006 Massachusetts Open, and the 2013 U.S. Amateur Championship.

How much does a Charles River Country Club membership cost?

The costs of joining the Charles River Country Club, as with most country clubs, will greatly depend on the type of membership you sign up for.  Most country clubs will work in the same regard when it comes to pricing as you will be responsible for the one-time initiation fee to join, the monthly dues to stay active and all members must meet a food and beverage minimum.  According to the, the initiation fees at this club is said to be at least $50,000 to $75,000 to join, but not everyone can join as you will need references in order to be considered by the club.  As for the monthly fees, while the club does not publish its fees, it has been said to cost $800+ a month.

Charles River Country Club overview

The country club features a Donald Ross-designed course, which opened in 1921.  Members play the course at a par of 72 and a playing distance of 6,657 yards, according to the club’s official website.  The rating is 72.7 with a slope rating of 131.  Aside from the golf amenities, it also offers tennis courts, a swimming pool complex and a clubhouse with multiple dining options.

Tips to know

The club, as per the Boston Globe, is said to have close to 300 members and men hold all but a half dozen of the so-called “A” memberships, which offers voting rights and unrestricted tee times.  Female members are often considered “B” members, which means they cannot vote and can only golf at certain times.

Perspective members often warn of the waiting list before joining.  In fact, according to this MetroWest Daily News article in the past, the club had a four-year waiting list as per the general manager they interviewed.  As per this PDF, the club has about 515 members.

The club abides by a dress code, cell phone and pace of play policy as seen here.

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