Chiavari Chair Rental Cost

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At wedding or any event for that matter, your chair options are quite endless, and if you hire an outside rental company or browse at your venue’s list, there’s a good chance you can upgrade to a “Chiavari chair,” which is simply a fancier wooden chair with elaborate designs as noted in the picture below.

Chiavari Chair Rental Cost
chiavari chair” (CC BY 2.0) by Ideal I Do’s Wedding Photos Florida Beach Weddings

Chiavari chair rental cost

The costs of renting Chiavari chairs will depend on a few factors, such as who you’re renting from, the number of chairs needed, the accessories needed (covers), the colors, height, your geographical region and the complexity of the event setup.  With so many factors that can affect the price, it’s hard to offer an exact quote; however, based on the research we did online, we found out that you should be prepared to spend anywhere from $4 to $8 per chair to rent Chiavari chairs without covers for your upcoming event.   This will not include the “extras,” if you were to need them, which we talk about below.

These chairs are often offered by the venue you’re renting and considered an optional upgrade, but if the venue doesn’t offer the chairs for your event, then you will have to research a local rental company that offers the chairs for your event.  In this case, you may need to factor in a setup and delivery fee if you were to consider this option, effectively increasing the cost estimate mentioned prior.

For example, on this forum thread, one member stated she was quoted $7 per chair for 200 people, making the grand total $1,400 for the upgrade, and as with any venue, most will consider the Chiavari chair as an “upgrade” to the chairs they already offer.  As such, this is often an optional expense and is only based on your preferences, with most soon-to-be brides claiming it simply isn’t worth the upgrades.  Another member on this same thread noted she was quoted $12.50 a chair, plus another $2.50 for the chair covers.

Woman Getting Married, via their research, noted you should be prepared to spend $5 to $8.75 a chair.

Amerevent Event Supercenters, a rental company located in the Atlanta, St. Louis and Kansas City region, posted official prices on their website, with the costs, depending on the color of the chair, averaging about $4 to $6 per chair, but if you need them to set up the chairs, place the cushions and/or ordered less than 100 chairs, then this could add another $1~ to the chair costs.  These prices, as per the company’s website, noted a $1 off special if you met the requirements.

One more event company we found,, noted the costs of a Chiavari chair rental would depend on the colors and the height of the chair, with the average cost ranging from $5.50 to $12.75.

The extra costs to think about

Covers:  Adding covers can add yet another $3 to $5 per chair, depending on the venue/rental company’s policy.

Delivery:  If your venue doesn’t offer the chairs, then you’re going to have to hire an outside third-party company, which, most of the time, will charge you a delivery fee based on the distance to the venue.  However, in some cases, the company may waive this fee if you order enough chairs for the event.

Setup/Tear Down:  If you need the company or venue to set up and tear down the chairs, then this could add another $0.50 to $1 per chair, on average.

Cushion Placement:  In some cases, if you wanted cushions added to your chair, this is usually considered a premium add-on and can cost another $0.50 to $1 per chair.

Colors:  Most companies based their quote on a certain set of colors, but in some cases, may offer premium colors for a premium fee, usually no more than $1 more per chair.  Popular color upgrades often include gold and clear, for instance.

Minimum:  If you do not meet the minimum rental requirement from a company, some may charge a premium, but this is often dependent upon the company’s policy.

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