How Much Does Children’s Learning Adventure Cost?

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Last Updated:  August 10, 2018

The Children’s Learning Adventure is said to be the industry leader in childhood education, offering the highest level of educational opportunities for children ages six weeks to 12 years old, according to the official website.

The company currently operates in 11+ states with more than 40 learning centers.

How much does the Children’s Learning Adventure cost?

The tuition costs of Children’s Learning Adventure, from what we researched, would greatly vary on the geographical location, the program your child signs up for and the applicant’s age.  According to the official website, the school arranges their pricing based on tiers, for each of its facilities to be competitive with other quality programs in the area.

For a full-time based program, be prepared to spend $200 to $450 a week, depending on your child’s age, while the part-time programs will be half this cost.  As for the afterschool programs, from what we saw online, the costs could range in the $100~ a week or $20 a day range.

The center also offers a summer camp program, and from the looks of it, the center will offer you a calendar/list of the activities they are offering.  From there, you will then be able to decide which activities you want your child to partake in and the center will be able to offer a quote.  Like the programs, the cost of the summer camp will be based on the amount of days you want your child to attend and the prices will be similar to the estimates mentioned prior and in the table below.

Geographical LocationPrice Reported
Scottsdale, AZ$450 a week for 4 year old
Gilbert, AZ$1,000 a month
Goodyear, AZ$190 a week part-time
Peoria, AZ$175 for two days a week (2 year old)

NOTE:  These prices were sourced from a few reviews we found on Yelp and cannot be guaranteed to be accurate.

One member on this forum thread, for example, stated she was quoted $180 a week for her child in Maricopa County, Arizona.

Program offerings

The center, from what we learned, offers both part-time and full-time programs for infants ages six weeks and up, to preschool and early kindergarten-based curriculum programs.  The center also offers after-school programs for children up to age 12, with transportation offered to and from local schools.

The atmosphere, innovations and mission

The Children’s Learning Center makes your child’s quest for knowledge both fun and exciting by offering multiple infant, preschool and afterschool programs.  The school offers interactive, engaging programs which are designed to meet your child’s educational and social goals by using what’s known as the STEAM-based learning system.

The centers offer specialty classrooms, enriched with learning adventures and discovery in technology, dramatic play and science-based curriculum.  These centers also offer indoor amenities and an expansive outdoor playground, all of which will vary depending on the geographical location.

Five unique innovations the center offers include the Imagination Island, which is complete with miniature shops, allowing your child to learn about real-world scenarios.  The center also offers a unique science center, known as the Laboratory Lagoon, which comes complete with a planetarium.  A multimedia room, referred to as the Picture Paradise, offers a mock TV studio setup with video cameras.  The Nature’s Nook, also offered, is a garden offered on site, allowing your child to use his or hers curiosity side.  Lastly, the Reading Reef, is an expansive library which is designed to make reading fun.

In some of the mega-facilities, the club offers an indoor basketball court, bowling lanes, a ballet studio and iPad stations, according to

Children’s Learning Adventure facts

All employees are required to go through six weeks of training through what’s known as the CLA Academy.

All of the Children’s Learning Adventure locations can be found here.

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