How Much Does a Chuck E. Cheese Birthday Party Cost?

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Chuck E. Cheese is a chain of family entertainment centers located throughout the United States.  Their concept is a sit-down restaurant that is complemented by arcade games, rides, an animatronic show, tubes, and slides.  The majority of the restaurant is geared toward children under the age of 14.

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How much is a party at Chuck E Cheese?

In most cases, the price of a birthday party is going to depend on the geographical location, the number of people, the food and the package chosen.  On average, packages are going to vary anywhere from $12 to $22 per child. Refer to our table below to see what’s included and what the average price may be at your local location:

PackageInclusionsPrice Per Child
Star- Choice of a theme
- 2 hours of reserved space
- Ticket Blaster experience
- Star recognition in the show
- 60 tokens for birthday child
- 40 tokens for each child
- Soda
- 2 slices of pizza per child
- Tablecloth/Plateware
- Party host
- Email invites
SuperstarEverything in the Star package, plus:

- 16 additional tokens per child
- 1,000 tickets
- Collectible cup
Mega SuperstarEverything in Superstar package, plus:

- Goody bag per child
- Small cup of Dippin Dots per child
- Pull string pinata with 200 tickets and 40 tokens
- 50 additional tokens for the party

NOTE:  Refer to the official reservation page to receive exact quotes at your local locations.  Prices at most locations will be similar.

On this forum thread at, members talked about what they had paid for a birthday party at a local Chuck E Cheese.  According to their responses, one member paid $200 for 14 kids and a handful of adults, for example.

Chuck E Cheese birthday party overview

Chuck E. Cheese has three different birthday packages you can choose from, according to their official website: the star, the superstar, and the mega superstar.  All packages are going to include two hours of table space, a crown, a ticket blaster worth 1,000 tickets, a guitar pick, balloons, 20 tokens per guest, soft drinks, two slices of pizza, a party host, plates, and electronic invitations.  The premium packages will include more tokens, tickets, a goody bag, a pinata and ice cream.

The Chuck E. Cheese character will also come out and visit the kids.  Depending on the location, he may perform magic tricks, perform music, or make balloon animals for the kids.

When reserving your party, a non-refundable $30 deposit will be applied toward your future party.

The games at Chuck E. Cheese range from little kid games that are easy to play to harder games meant for older kids.  Some of the games are hands-on such has ski ball, basketball, or guitar hero, while others are simply pushing buttons or steering a wheel.  There are also rides and even photo booths that use tokens.

What are the extra costs?

Any additional food that is not included in the party package will be an additional cost.  For example, a large pizza will cost $15, while a sandwich platter will cost $20.

If you want to take advantage of a birthday cake, Chuck E. Cheese will charge $10 to $20 depending on the cake size.  Individual ice cream cups can be purchased for $1 each.

Party favor options are available.  Additional gift bags, balloons, upgradable cups, and candy can cost $2 to $4 each.

A pull string pinata that is loaded with tokens and tickets retails for $20.

The costs added above will only include the children.  Plan on adding a few pizzas and drinks for any adults who wish to attend.

If you want actual invitations to give out at school or to send in the mail rather than using the electronic invitations that are delivered through email, you will need to purchase these separately, along with stamps to send them.

Tips to know:

Know how many people you want to attend your party when booking.  If you do not book enough people, the restaurant may not be able to accommodate your request if you need to add more people.

If you book your party Monday to Thursday, there will be no time limit at the table.  This deal will exclude school holidays, however.

All locations require a four child minimum in order to reserve a party.

To find a birthday party in your area, refer to the official Chuck E Cheese search page.

Consider having your party during the day.  During the weekends and at night, it can get fairly crowded.  A daytime party will allow your kids to have much more freedom in the arcade and playland.

Pattie Cordova at created a blog post showing us what her child’s birthday party looked like at Chuck E. Cheese.

How can I save money?

If you are going to have less than four to six children, it may be cheaper to walk into the restaurant.  Refer to your local restaurant to see what their policy is.  Keep in mind that if you do go this route, be sure to clip coupons from your local paper or even look online to take advantage of any special promotions or deals.  For example, offers printable coupons from time to time.

Check out eBay to purchase tokens in bulk.  For example, we were able to find more than 500 tokens for a $45 buy it now.  If you don’t want to purchase tokens online, ask your local location if you’re able to buy tokens in bulk.

During some hours, you may be able to get bonus tokens.

Always book your party online to take advantage of all the deals.

Consider bringing your own dessert to avoid their prices.  They allow you to bring in a cake, decorations, and ice cream.

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