How Much Does a Cincinnati Sports Club Membership Cost?

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The Cincinnati Sports Club, located in Fairfax, Ohio, was established in 1990.

The club is owned and operated locally and is a member of the The International Health, Racquet, And Sports Association, which boasts a network of over 4,400 clubs.

How much does a Cincinnati Sports Club membership cost?

The cost to join the Cincinnati Sports Club will greatly depend on the type of membership you sign up for.  The membership options, explained below, can offer various inclusions, each with its own costs.  According to our research, the cost of an All-Inclusive membership can cost close to $85 a month for an individual and about $55 for a Young Professional membership.  These costs, however, can increase or decrease depending on the type of promotion currently being held.  A whole family membership is close to $180 a month.  The one-time initiation fees, again, depending on the time of the year, can be about $100 to $400+

According to one member on their Yelp review, for example, said she was paying $85 a month, but it would be more if you wanted access to the pool in the summer months.

On this Reddit thread, a member said he was paying $180 a month for the whole family and they were able to receive access to everything.  This price, however, would be cheaper if you didn’t include the pool access.  Another member on this same thread said he paid a $99 initiation fee and $56 a month as a young professional.

The membership options

All-Inclusive – As the membership claims, an All Inclusive membership offers all indoor and outdoor facility access, including the outdoor pool, platform tennis, the Squash Center, group exercise classes, outdoor workout area, locker room services, childcare and access to more than 40+ social events.

Indoor Only – A membership option that offers unrestricted access to the indoor facility only, including the indoor pool, indoor 1/5-mile track, squash courts, tennis and group exercise classes.  Members also receive access to childcare, locker room services, water exercise classes, tanning sessions and access to Club Manager Tuesday Tastings and Winter Happy Hours.

Young Professional –  Designed for members who are younger than 29 years old.

Golden Time – A membership option with restricted times, offering access to the indoor facility only from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. Monday through Fridays with no weekends included.  Gropu exercise classes, the outdoor workout area, locker room services, childcare, water exercises, court times, tanning and attendance at the Club Manager Tuesday Tastings are all included.

Physician Referral –  This is a 60-day, $60 prescription-based program that offers a healthy lifestyle program with a personal exercise coach.

Cincinnati Sports Club overview

Amenities, according to the gym, includes multiple indoor exercise environments, an outdoor facility for workouts, indoor walking track, indoor therapy pool, indoor saltwater pool for lap swimming, multiple basketball courts, tennis courts, squash courts, racquetball courts, pickleball courts, platform tennis courts, PGA indoor golf simulator, 100+ free group exercise classes, childcare options, social events, towel services, locker room amenities, tanning beds and private rooms for meetings.

What are the extra costs?

Private training sessions, available in 30- or 60-minute sessions, semi-private or in large groups, are available, and according to the club, the costs will depend on the sessions length and the trainer you choose.

Private swimming lessons and clinics are available for an additional cost.  The costs of a private lesson, according to this flyer, will be $24 per lesson for one member or $35 per lesson for two members.  Sessions, depending on the lesson, can range from $48 to $72.

Tennis, squash, pickleball, platform tennis and racquetball clinics/programs and private lessons are all available for an additional cost.  These clinics will vary anywhere from $47 for a group session to as much as $74+ for a private lesson.

Pilates training won’t be included in the free group class schedule and will incur additional costs.   Research says each class can be close to $10.

Members may bring guests to the club; however, the guests can visit the club up to three times per month only.  The fourth and subsequent visits attract a guest fee of $25 per visit.  To invite more than two guests at a time, a member must call the club for special arrangement.

Tips to know

The club has a member Advisory Board Of Governors which serves as an intermediary between members and the club management.  Members are free to share their suggestions and opinions through the board.

How can I save money?

Ask about the discounts available at the time of signing up as most gyms commonly offer them to new members.

Don’t be afraid to haggle.  From what we read, many members were able to haggle their initiation fees.

The club does offer a free trial pass for those who want to try the club.

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