How Much Do Cinderella Hair Extensions Cost?

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Cinderella hair extensions have been around since 1994, and unlike other hair extensions, the company uses a bonding formula that’s made from an organic protein designed to create very little damaging effects to your hair when it’s applied or removed.

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How much do Cinderella hair extensions cost?

The cost of Cinderella hair extensions will depend on the salon, the amount of hair you want and geographical location.  On average, a pack of hair can cost anywhere between $50 and $150 and won’t include the stylist costs.  According to, you should expect to use at least three to seven packs of hair for a full head of extensions.  In addition to the packs, you will also have to pay your stylist.  Since most will charge by the hour, this, again, will depend on the amount of hair needed and the stylist you choose.  According to our research, those who have had this job professional done paid anywhere between $500 and $2,500.

Cinderella hair extensions overview

The process is relatively painless and can take two to six hours to complete, depending on the length of your hair and the stylist doing the job.  Each pack, on average, will take an experienced stylist about 45 minutes to apply.  With these hair extensions, you can enhance your colors, increase the thickness or even change your hair’s length, making these hair extensions quite versatile.

The process first begins by meeting with a stylist to discuss what you want to have done.  Those who specialize in these types of extensions will be certified by the manufacturer, so it’s always best to look for this certification.  During this consultation, your stylist will discuss your expectations, the length of your extensions, the colors you want and how many packs you’re going to need for the job.  Your stylist should have multiple sample packs on hand to physically show you the colors and style.  The company, at this time, offers 60 different colors, with 20 shades of blonde and a variety of hues and fantasy colors, including pink, purple and red.  As for the lengths, it can range anywhere from as short as eight inches to as long as 28 inches.

The four standard texture options, according to, includes straight, bodywave, curly and afro-textured.

After this consultation ends, you will create an appointment and more than likely place a down payment in order for your stylist to purchase the packs.  Some stylists may also require you to sign a contract, which won’t hold them liable if something were to happen once you leave the salon.

During the actual procedure, your stylist will wash and blow dry your hair, followed by attaching hair in sections using one of three attachment methods: either via a classic organic bonding, t-tip tape extensions or i-tip extensions.

As long as they are put in right, the extensions should last three to five months.

What are the extra costs?

Prior to your extension appointment, your stylist may want to color and/or trim your hair to allow the extensions to blend in easier.

Plan on replacing your extensions every three to four months if you want to keep the same look.

Tips to know:

Cinderella hair extensions will use 100 percent Remy hair.  As with any extensions, it will take a lot more time involved when taking care of them.  Avoid washing your hair every day and only use shampoo and conditioner designed for extensions.  If you don’t know which products to buy, your stylist should be able to recommend some reputable brands.  A specific brush designed for extensions should be used to help keep your hair tangle free.  These brushes will have loops instead of bristles to keep your hair tangle free.

Cinderella before and after

How can I save money?

Consider checking out to find local salon deals that may offer this service.

If you are able to find a local beauty school, many of them will offer their services at greatly discounted prices.  Although a student will be doing your hair, a professional stylist will be standing by in case something goes wrong.

Many salons may offer a complimentary sitting, explaining how these extensions work and what it may cost you.  Consider talking with a few to see if you can compare prices.

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