CityMD STD Testing Cost

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CityMD, a chain of urgent care walk-in clinics primarily located in the New York metro area, offers a variety of walk-in urgent care services, including STD testing.

Directly from the official website, the company claims “why worry about taking time off of school or work… and feel embarrassed” when you can walk into one of its clinics and be tested on the spot in a confidential and non-judgmental atmosphere.

CityMD STD Testing Cost
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How much does an STD test cost at CityMD?

The costs of an STD test at a CityMD, according to those who shared their experiences online, would depend on your insurance coverage, with fees ranging from as little as $15 with insurance to as much as $125+ for a visit without insurance, plus the additional lab fees, which are said to be less than $50.  To budget, plan on spending anywhere from $150 to $300 in total.

For insurance purposes, it has been said that the CityMD location will help verify the costs you’re responsible for as long as you have your insurance card readily available.  Locations accept commercial, Medicaid managed care, Medicare advantage and exchange plan.

In this interview with the company on, they stated a visit without insurance would cost $125 plus the additional prices for testing.

According to this, for example, she was quoted anywhere from $35 to $50 with insurance at her local New York CityMD.

On this thread, he paid $130 for a test and treatment.  Another member on a similar thread stated they paid $100 for the visit and another $50 for the lab fees.

STD testing – what happens?

At any of the company’s locations, many of the tests are processed on site, allowing one of the clinicians on site to discuss the results with you on the same visit, but according to sources, the STD testing can take up to seven days for the results, with the company offering a full panel (rapid HIV, gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, herpes, hepatitis B and C, syphilis and trichomonas), requiring only blood and urine samples.  From there, they can also forward the results to your primary doctor if you choose.

When you come back for your results in the future, the company will provide you with any medications and tools you may need.

STD Symptoms

Women often experience pain/bleeding during urination, an abnormal vaginal discharge, pain in the abdomen, spotting, blisters, a fever, swollen glands, warts or sores.

Men may experience a discharge from the urethra, pain while urinating, inflammation of the prostate or testicles, sores or a fever.

Some STDs, such as chlamydia and gonorrhea, will cause no symptoms, and if left untreated, it will put you at risk for infertility, organ failure or even brain damage.

Tips to know

Since it’s an urgent care center, like most urgent care centers located in the United States, no appointment is necessary at any CityMD clinic, meaning you can walk right in and request an STD test.

This blog post breaks down the process of checking in if you do decide to use a CityMD as your choice.

CityMD notes that all of their doctors are board certified and will have their certifications in either family medicine or emergency medicine.  Alongside the doctors include highly trained physician assistants to help handle any urgent care issues.

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