Classic Car Club Manhattan Membership Cost

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The Classic Car Club, based in Manhattan, New York, has been providing its members with an outrageous experience across the globe for more than 20 years.

With more than 40 cars available at any given time, according to the Business Insider, there are not many spots around the globe where you can have access to a variety of cars at any time.

To take advantage, all you need is a membership and your driver’s license.

Classic Car Club Manhattan Membership Cost
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The reported Classic Car Club Manhattan membership costs

The costs of a Classic Car Club membership in Manhattan, New York, all depends on the type of membership you sign up for.  The starting level, a silver level, starts at $5,000 for a down deposit and another $180 a month for the general upkeep fees.  The top-level membership, known as the platinum membership, will cost $15,000 when you sign up and will cost $180 a month like the silver level.  Aside from these fees, members will also need to pay for “points” in case the balance runs low, but the fees mentioned prior will include a set amount of points.  As we get into earlier, you will need points in order to get behind the wheel.

Silver- $10,000 to join
- $180/month
Platinum- $15,000 to join
- $180/month

For new members, reports do claim that there is often a waitlist; however, the wait, if there is one, isn’t that long.  As long as you have a clean driving record, a valid driver’s licensed and you’re older than 25 years old, you can apply for a membership and be accepted into the club.

Bloomberg notes a year of driving will cost $9,000, plus dues, for about 35 total days behind the wheel.  All insurance is included, but the club does ask you return the car back with a full tank of gas.

What does the membership include?

All members will have access to track days, performance driving and access to the race track.

24/7 access to the 26,000 square foot clubhouse located in SoHo, which offers free drinks and occasional networking and culinary events.

Invites to American and European rally events.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner options, all available at the member’s only restaurant.

A year-round exclusive member’s only event calendar.

How does the membership work?

The club works on a points-based system, according to the current members, and the amount of in-car drive time you get, will depend on the type of membership you can sign up for.

Once you sign up and you’re approved for a membership, you will be asked to come to the club to discuss of the club’s rules and a general how-to as to how to take care of the cars.

Each time you take the car out for a spin, the insurance will be included, as well as all vehicle maintenance and detailing.

The drive time, as mentioned prior, will be based on the points system, what you want to drive and what type of membership you have.  Each time you take a car out, for example, points will be subtracted from your record, and when your point balance hits zero, you will be asked to top it off to remain active in the system.

As a member, you’re allowed to add one member, in which they ask it’s a direct family member.

What kind of cars do they have?

The inventory varies based on the season, but looking at an old cars list, vehicles included exotics, modern classics and vintage classics, including:

 *Do note that this was a sample from an inventory found on the club’s official fleet page.

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