How Much Does a Coggins Test Cost?

A Coggins test, while foreign to the rest of us, is something of common knowledge to horse owners.  Aside from the grooming, the food, and the veterinary care that owners must think about, there are some state regulations that need to be considered as well.  One of these regulations is conducting a Coggins test on your horse at least once a year.

The Coggins test is done in order to determine if your horse is positive for the Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) virus. Also known as swamp fever, EIA is a viral disease caused by blood-sucking flies.  The infected horse usually acquires fever, depression, weight loss, anemia, and dependent edema.  With such hazardous health risks, Coggins test must be done to horses not only to ensure their overall well-being but to eliminate the risk of spreading the virus to other horses.

Horse by kulmalukko, on Flickr
Horse” (CC BY 2.0) by kulmalukko

How much does a horse Coggins test cost?

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  1. jim zitoun (ottawa,  Illinois) paid $40 and said:

    40 per head

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