How Much Does a Colonial Country Club Membership Cost?

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The Colonial Country Club, a private club located in Fort Worth, Texas, was established in 1936.

Its golf course sits by the trinity river, bordering the northeast side of Texas Christian University.

How much does a Colonial Country Club membership cost?

On average, the cost of a membership to join the club will depend on the type of membership you sign up for as with most clubs.  We did find an official PDF online and broke down the costs in our table below.  Seeing the PDF is a few years old, use this as an estimate only as the prices have probably changed.

ClassificationInitiation FeeMonthly Dues
Resident Company$60,000$470
Resident Surviving SpouseN/A$235
Resident Junior$8,000$370
Social Company$5,000$250
Social Surviving SpouseN/A$125
Social Junior$2,000$215

NOTE:  Seeing the club is a private, member-only club, all memberships are by invitation only.  All applications, according to the PDF sourced above, will require three endorsements from active members in good standing, a personal sponsor and three non country club member references.  The final decision will be determined by the Board of Governors.

According to this article, the initiation fees at the club are $60,000 and the monthly dues are $500.

Colonial Country Club membership overview

The resident members of the club and their spouses have the rights to vote, golf and equity in the club. Junior members, however, will only have access to golf and access to the ballroom for hosting parties. The social members are not entitled to golfing, voting or equity rights and only have access to the social gatherings at the club and tournament events.  For every 12 months, a social member is active, a $1,000 credit will be applied toward a resident membership.

What are the extra costs?

There are transfer costs which are applicable in case you want to transfer your membership. According to the current club by-laws, transferring a resident or resident spouse membership, for example, would cost $8,000.   For social members, the transfer fee is $2,000, and as of now, there is no transfer available for junior memberships.

All the membership fees mentioned are subject to sales tax.

Social events, commonly held throughout the year, can be an additional cost to budget for.

Tips to know

Inquire with the club before applying because there could be a waitlist.

Junior memberships must convert at age 35.

All applicants must be older than 21.

How can I save money?

Although there are no discounts on the membership fees, new members can reduce the burden by taking advantage of the colonial club membership cost installment method. A resident member, using this strategy, would pay $10,000 initially as down payment and pay the remaining amount $10,000 amounts annually until the balance is paid off.   This is essentially an interest-free loan.

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