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Combigan, eye drops used to treat open-angle glaucoma and high pressure in the eye, is only available via prescription only.

The reported Combigan eye drops prices

The costs of Combigan eye drops greatly depend on your health insurance plan, the pharmacy you choose and the quantity.  Prices, based on these factors can range anywhere from as little as 180 for a 5ml bottle to as much as $1,100 for a 30ml bottle.

Refer to our table below for the costs we sourced online via multiple big-box pharmacies.  These costs are estimated averages only for those who do not have any insurance coverage.

5 mls$180
10 mls$360
15 mls$550
20 mls$700
30 mls$1,100

According to, Medicare and private health insurance will cover this drug, with co-pays ranging anywhere from $18 to more than $185, depending on your policy.  As there are thousands of health insurance policies on the market, it’s best to talk with either your health insurance policy and/or local pharmacy to see what you’re responsible for.

Combigan overview

Combigan are brimonidine and timolol ophthalmic eye drops which are designed to treat pressure in the eyes, often caused by either glaucoma or hypertension, both of which cause high pressure, leading to pain and discomfort, which, if left ignored, can lead to harming your vision.  Only available as a prescription, these eyes drops will help alleviate your pain.

To use, you will wash your hands first and will want to avoid touching the dropper to avoid contamination.  You must also remove your contact lenses and wait at least 15 minutes before putting them back in.  Like any eye drops, you will tilt your head back, look up and pull down the lower eyelid to make a pouch for the liquid to drop into.

Depending on your circumstances, your doctor will be able to tell you how to use it and how often you should do so.  In most cases, adults will use it every 12 hours, twice a day.  Follow the directions closely on the label and always listen to your doctor’s advice.  Do not skip doses, do not take more than you should and if you miss a dose, apply it as soon as possible unless it’s close to your next scheduled dosage.  In this case, do not double dose and continue the schedule as is.

Store the medicine in a cabinet away from children and pets away from direct light, mositure and excessive heat.  Never freeze and do not keep outdated medicine.

Combigan side effects

Side effects commonly reported include allergic reactions, eye bleeding, changes in blood sugar, cold hands/feet, confusion, difficulty breathing, difficulty sleeping, dizziness, infect eyes, irregular heartbeat, skin rashes, slow heart rate, a bitter taste in mouth, blurred vision immediately after using, dry mouth, itchy eyes, headaches and/or sensitivity to light.  For more common and rare side effects, refer to this guide.  Talk to your doctor right away if any of these side effects occur.

How to save on Combigan

The official website at offers a rebate up to $25 by providing the information requested online.  Only one rebate per customer and is only valid for commercial and cash-pay patients only.

GoodRx states that Combigan is a combination of two or more separate drugs and you may actually be better off receiving separate prescriptions as each drug could be available as a generic, but this isn’t the case when the active ingredients are not combined.

While most brand-name drugs have a generic equivalent, Combigan, at the time of this publishing, does not have a generic version to help you save money.

Check with your local state/federal government, non-profits and organizations to see if they can help you pay for this drug at a reduced cost.  In most cases, as long as you meet income requirements, you may be eligible for discounts.  Refer to the Partnership for Prescription Assistance for more information on ways to save.

Ask your doctor if they can prescribe a longer supply, such as a 90-day supply instead of a 30 day, to help you save over the long run.  As you can see in the table above, the larger the bottle, the more you can save.

While you should do so at your own risk, consider purchasing your prescription from a reputable foreign pharmacy online.  Canadian pharmacies, for example, can cost up to 80 percent less.  We recommend checking out to see which reputable pharmacies online can offer the best price.

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