How Much Does a Conch Piercing Cost?

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The conch, referred to as the outer shell of the ear, is pierced no differently than other piercings.

Conch Piercing with Gold Twister Barbell by petitepanoply, on Flickr
Conch Piercing with Gold Twister Barbell” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by  petitepanoply

How much does a conch piercing cost?

On average, a conch piercing will cost around $30 to $90 for a basic piercing and jewelry add-on.  The costs will depend on the professional, where you live and if you upgrade the jewelry.

Pierced Hearts, a piercing studio located in Seattle, Washington, for example, states that they charge $45 for a conch piercing with a ring or $60 with a straight barbell on their official pricing sheet.

Conch piercing overview

There are two types of conch piercings:  an inner or outer.  The inner conch, as the name suggests, is done at the center of the ear cartilage, just below the “bowl” part of your ear, whereas the outer piercing is done on the flat surface on the outside of the ear, the exact opposite spot of the inner conch piercing.

During the piercing process, the piercer will first clean the whole area with a disinfectant to help avoid an infection.  Next, the area being pierced will be marked with a pen to ensure it’s the proper spot you want to have pierced.  Once confirmed, a needle or gun will then be used to puncture the targeted area, followed by inserting the jewelry of your choice.  A dermal option is also available, often for the outer ear, if you want something larger than a 14 gauge.  Even if you don’t upgrade the jewelry, a standard, low-end piece will be inserted to prevent the hole from naturally closing.  Bleeding will be normal after the piercing, but an experienced piercer will take care of this.

What are the extra costs?

As mentioned prior, a piercer will always include a standard piercing, but if you do decide to upgrade, this could be an additional $15 to $45+, depending on the type of jewelry you choose.  Popular options people often consider upgrading to include a captive bead ring, circular barbells or a labret stud.

Aftercare products such as a disinfectant spray can cost $10 to $15.

Tips to know

The pain, as with any piercing, will greatly depend on how well you handle pain.  Most people say an inner conch piercing is quite painful, while others state it can be bearable but sore a few days after.

As with any piercing, an infection can happen if you don’t carefully follow the aftercare directions.  This includes cleaning the area twice a day and avoid playing with it for the next few weeks.  An infection, if it were to happen, could spread through the cartilage and damage it considerably, often causing it to collapse, which, can’t be fixed naturally.

The healing process can take three to eight months as long as proper aftercare directions are followed.

How can I save money?

Always compare at least three to five studios before making an educated decision.  Don’t focus solely on the price, however.  Pay close attention to the reviews online, the cleanliness of the studio and look at pictures of past work.

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