COREtec Flooring Cost

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Last Updated:  August 15, 2018

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COREtec, considered to be a luxury vinyl plank flooring/tile manufactured by USFloors, from afar, looks quite realistic and even feels like it to the touch.

Much like hardwood, COREtec uses real texture, real graining and also has a micro bevel edge to create a true hardwood look.

However, unlike hardwood, the flooring doesn’t require as much in terms of maintenance.

COREtec Flooring Cost

COREtec flooring cost per square foot

The costs of COREtec flooring will greatly depend on the retailer you purchase from, the specific style and the exact design/size you’re interested in purchasing as the company does offer a variety of wood designs and size options, ranging from extra wide to extra long.  For just the flooring, the costs tend to range anywhere from $2 to $5 per square foot, but if you needed a professional to help install it, then the total costs could be in the $5 to $10 per square foot range, but this price would greatly depend on the scope of your job, the contractor you hire, your geographical region, the specific line of COREtec flooring you choose and if any obstacles present itself during the job.

As each job can be so unique, we highly recommend you use the free contractor quote service tool,  With this tool, you can simply state what you want, your job specifications, and with this information, licensed and reputable contractors in your area will contact you with a free quote.  It’s 100 percent free to use and no credit card is required to receive your quote.

On this forum thread, more than 800+ members talked about their experiences, with one member claiming she paid $10,047 for a 1,733 square foot home professionally installed, while another said they were quoted $7 per square foot for both materials and labor.

Carpet Express, a retailer we found online, sold the flooring for anywhere from $2.99 to $4.99+ per square foot for just the materials only.

Prices sourced online...
$6,200 for 1,000 square feetSOURCE
$8,500 for 1,250 square feetSOURCE
$10,047 for 1,733 square feetSOURCE
$18,000 for 1,200 square feetSOURCE

The design

Each piece of COREtec flooring, regardless of which option you choose, features a 0.5 millimeter of “wear” layer, which is designed to protect your flooring in high trafficked places and make it easier to clean and maintain.  Beneath this “wear” layer, the planks include a luxury vinyl top layer, considered to be highly resilient and made of a virgin vinyl, with yet another layer beneath this layer, being the “heart” of the matter — the core structure, which is the stable and well-constructed layer that is designed to prevent expanding or contracting like normal hardwood floors would.  Lastly, the underlayment, made of a cork material, adds the additional extra insulation designed to absorb sounds to create a quiet atmosphere when walked upon.  The entire design process, as per USFloors, is patented.   All four of these layers are waterproof, including the cork underlayment.

The company offers a variety of colors, designs and sizes, with the Plus line coming in as five or seven inches wide and four inches long, while the Plus HD, which uses an embossing technique, has a thicker 8.5-millimeter plank, equipped with a four-side painted micro-beleved edge.  The more premium lines, the Plus XL and XL, are nine inches wide and six feet long.  Listed below are the current options available as per the official company’s website.

 OnePlusXLProPlus EnhancedXL EnhancedHigh Def HDDesign
Design6” x 48” Planks5” & 7” Planks, 12”x24” and 18”x24” tiles9” x 72” Planks.7.2” x 48” Thinner core @ 30% of Plus5” and 7” Planks,
9” x 72”7” x 72” Embosed Registation.Multi-Width and Multi-Tone Planks or Tiles, Embosed Registation
Core Thickness4.8mm5.0mm1.5mm + 1.0mm Vinyl4.8mm4.8mm4.8mm5.0mm5.0mm

Color options

As mentioned, the line does offer a variety of colors, with colors ranging from light to dark, with some reds and gray/whitewashes mixed in between.  The seven-inch line, as per, offers more whitewash/gray options.   From retailers, we did look at, the most popular colors tend to be gray, beige/tan, mocha, orange/amber, brown and gold. To see all of the colors available within each line, we recommend you visit the official manufacturer’s website,

Tips to know

Unlike comparable luxury vinyl brands, COREtec flooring will not require any acclimation and very little preparation is required before installing the planks.  The only tools an installer will need, most of the time, will include a hammer, tape measurer, tapping block and crosscut power saw.  And plus, since the flooring is considered to be a floating floor, it means you can install it over an existing flooring surface.  Even if there are any discrepancies in the flooring, installers will not need to worry about the preparation as the flooring is rigid and thicker, helping hide these imperfections as it’s being installed.

Products used on residential use will either come with a Lifetime Limited or 25-year Limited warranty.

All floors, one of the safest LVT products on the market, received the GreenGuard Gold Certification.

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