How Much Does a Corn Snake Cost?

Corn snakes are known to be one of the most popular types of snakes to be kept as pets due to their mild manners, easy handling and are known to be easier to care for than other snake species.  These snakes make great pets because they are non-venomous and non-aggressive, known for its ability to withhold its bite.

Known for its belly patterns which resemble a maize, corn snakes are great climbers and considered as one of the best escape artists.

Reptiles by highlander411, on Flickr
Reptiles” (CC BY 2.0) by  highlander411

How much does a corn snake cost?

MorphAverage Price
Albino$35 to $45
Albino Bloodred$55 to $70
Albino Motley$40 to $55
Albino Okeetee$50 to $60
Albino Striped$60 to $80
Amber$40 to $50
Black$35 to $45
Black Albino$75 to $95
Black Bloodred$50 to $60
Blizzard$70 to $90
Blood Red$60 to $80
Butter$50 to $65
Caramel$40 to $55
Caramel Blood$70 to $90
Charcoal$45 to $55
Crimson$60 to $80
Fancy$45 to $55
Fire$90 to $120
Ghost$40 to $55
Gold Dust$40 to $55
Hypo Motley$65 to $75
Hypo Striped$50 to $65
Hypo Upper$65 to $75
Hypomelanistic$40 to $55
Lavende$45 to $55
Lavender Blood$75 to $90
Motley$60 to $75
Normal$30 to $45
Okeetee$45 to $55
Opal$65 to $80
Rosy$45 to $55
Silver Queen$60 to $80
Snow$35 to $45
Striped$60 to $75
Sunkissed$75 to $90
Ultra$65 to $75

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