How Much Does it Cost to Convert a Wood Fireplace to Gas?

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Converting a wood fireplace to a gas fireplace is usually done for environmental concerns.  Because it is in its natural form and requires little processing, natural gas is considered to be the most environment-friendly fossil fuel around.  Not only is the natural gas environmentally friendly, but a gas fireplace also eliminates the need for wood.  Although artificial logs can be purchased, most people use wood from trees that have been cut down locally, a growing concern for environmentalists.   Environmental concerns are not the only reason for converting a wood fireplace to gas, however; there are also convenience reasons.  Rather than having to take the time to get the fire started, keep it lit, and then cleaning up after, you can simply have a fire at the push of a button.  When finished, turn off the gas and there is no clean up needed – much quicker and easier than a wood fireplace.

NT typical gas log fireplace by vastateparksstaff, on Flickr
NT typical gas log fireplace” (CC BY 2.0) by  vastateparksstaff

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