How Much Does it Cost to Remove a Load Bearing Wall?

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A load-bearing wall is a wall that rests upon the foundation, and these walls may also house electrical wires and plumbing pipes, being much different than an interior non-load bearing wall.

While some walls are not necessary to uphold the structure of a house, a load bearing wall is, and in some circumstances, in order to open up a living or kitchen area, many homeowners may find that they will have to remove a wall.  The outer walls of the house are also load bearing, and one of these walls may need to be removed or renovated if you want to put in something like a porch.

While some walls can easily be removed without any obstacles, homeowners have to proceed with caution when removing a load bearing wall.  If this wall is removed the wrong way, it can potentially cause damage to the home, allowing the outer wall to become unstable and even lead to it collapsing.

The cost of removing a load-bearing wall will come down to the size of the wall, the contractor being used and the complexity of the job.

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How much does it cost to remove a load bearing wall?

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