Cost to Eat at Hell’s Kitchen

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Last Updated:  August 15, 2018

If you’re a fan of the hit T.V. show Hell’s Kitchen, then you may be wondering how much it costs to eat at Gordan Ramsey’s restaurant you see on T.V.

While in the past, you couldn’t eat at the “Hell’s Kitchen” as seen on the T.V. since it was a television set, you can now visit the Hell’s Kitchen at the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Cost to Eat at Hell's Kitchen
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How much does it cost to eat at Hell’s Kitchen?

If you want to eat at the Hell’s Kitchen as seen on the hit T.V. show, then you have to get on a waiting list, as with any television show, to receive a spot inside of the restaurant during the taping.  With many ways to get on the show, which we will talk about later, if you do get a ticket to the show, then you will not have to pay anything to eat while being taped.  In fact, reported that you can often get paid as an extra — about $50 each — if the show decides to invite you to a taping, but for the most part, be prepared to enjoy a taping of the show and a random meal.

Now, if we are talking about the newly opened Hell’s Kitchen inside of the Ceasars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada, then like all restaurants, the menu prices will greatly vary depending upon your choice.  As the restaurant is fairly new, we were able to get ahold of a menu for the soft opening, along with the prices, which we included in the table below, but granted, these prices can change as the restaurant progresses.  You can view the official menu here.

hell's kitchen menu las vegas cost

How to get tickets to Hell’s Kitchen

Send an email:  We found an email online that was related to casting calls directly tied to Hell’s Kitchen broadcasts, [email protected]  You can use this email to request tickets, however, your request should include your full name, the number of tickets needed and any contact information outside of your email address such as a phone number and your mailing address.

Send mail:  If you’re old-fashioned, then you could consider sending a letter to increase your chances as the email address mentioned prior probably does receive quite a few inquiries.   Just like the email address, if you were to request tickets via the mail, then you will want to include the same information along with a self-addressed return envelope for the company to send you the tickets in case they do choose you.  The mailing address, as per the company, is as follows:

ATTN: Hell’s Kitchen Reservation Tickets
P.O. Box 900
Beverly Hills, CA 90213-0900

Check the official website:  On the show’s official website, locate the “reservations” tab near the bottom of the screen where you may be able to reserve your spot on a future show.  However, as notates, the producers did remove the tab due to the overwhelming success of the show, but like anything, they may add the tab in the near future for future guests.

Tips to know

Don’t fall for any scams for those who promise they can give you tickets.  The only tickets you can receive will come directly from Fox Broadcasting and nowhere else.  While you may find that many second-hand providers can get ahold of tickets, more often than not, it’s a scam as tickets to the show will not cost you a dime.

The actual Hell’s Kitchen you see on T.V. is not an actual restaurant, but rather, it’s a set that is designed to look as if it could be an actual restaurant.  The Today show actually stated the building was converted into a restaurant and dorm area for producers.  If you do obtain tickets, those who have been cast in the past note you should be expected to wait for at least three to four hours before you even receive your food, if any at all; however, as you do wait, they did note you could eat free bread and drink free alcohol.  Also, those who did visit also noted the food was “okay” and it was better as an entertainment experience.  You won’t find much, however, from previous casting members as you do have to sign a non-disclosure if you did want to participate.  Amber at was able to attend and talked about her experience.

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