How Much Does it Cost to Enclose a Porch?

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Last Updated:  August 8, 2018

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Enclosing a porch can turn your outdoor porch into a sunroom or three-season room without having to break the bank, giving you more livable space within the home.  Enclosing a porch can range anywhere from a simple DIY kit to a complex construction job done by the pros.

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How much does it cost to enclose a porch?

The cost to enclose a porch depends on factors such as the size, the materials being used, the design, where you live, the complexity of the job and the company you hire to complete the job.  Basically, it will come down to what you’re envisioning as there are many ways to “enclose” a porch.  Most jobs, according to our research online by homeowners who have had the job done before, would be in the $6,500 to 25,000 range if you were to have an existing porch in good structural shape.  This price can be much higher if you were to add many amenities such as lighting, plumbing, a fireplace and more.  Since all jobs will be so different, consider getting multiple quotes for free from licensed contractors in your area from

full enclosure, which will function as a separate room, will be your costliest option, averaging about $15,000 to $25,000+, depending on the many factors mentioned below.  This enclosure will include everything a regular room inside your home would have — the foundation, doors, walls, windows and roof.  All of this will all be built from scratch and attached to your home, appearing as natural as possible while matching the exterior of your existing home.

A partial enclosure is often performed if you already have an existing patio space that isn’t enclosed.  This type of enclosure, depending on the work that needs to be done, should be in the $5,000 to $12,000 range, but if you were to add windows, doors or electrical work, then the costs could increase.

On this forum thread, members had talked about what they were quoted to have their porch installed.  According to the quotes we had looked at, one member was quoted $10,000 for a 10×18′ concrete pad patio with glass windows.

Another member on asked what it would cost to completely enclose a patio that already had a roof and two walls on its side.  With framing, electrical, windows, drywall, flooring, HVAC and siding, members said you should be looking at quotes inside the $5,000 to $10,000 range.

Factors that affect the price:

The size of your porch

The square footage, of course, will probably be the main factor.  The larger your patio is, the more your contractor will have to work with.

The number of doors, windows and flooring

Tying in with the square footage, be sure to keep in the doors, windows and floor covering in mind.  The more space you have to work with, the more windows, doors and flooring you may need.

The kinds of materials being used

The type of roofing

Contractors will usually offer two roofing options:  a patio roof, which will be similar to your home’s roof, or an awning, which is far cheaper, removable but won’t be as durable as a traditional roof.

The type of enclosure

According to, there are many types of enclosures you choose from, including a four season, screen room, solarium, three seasons or a traditional sunroom.  Each design, since it will vary with construction, can affect the overall costs.

Type of Porch Enclosures

Screen room

A screen room enclosure works by attaching screens around your entire porch, creating an enclosure while maintaining the same view.  A screened-in room will keep the insects out, but the breeze will continue to blow in.  This will often your cheapest option but won’t protect you as well when compared to other options during inclement weather.

Three season room

Depending on where you live, this type of room could be comfortable year round.  A three season room, as the name implies, is often comfortable during every season, with the exception of the winter months.  This type of room, usually, uses either a three- or four-pane glass and won’t be designed to be climate controlled.

Four season room

A framed-in four season room will transform your porch into a weather resistant room you can enjoy every month of the year.  This setup may include glass walls, insulation, full climate control and will act as another room for your home.


Popular for those who love the sun, a solarium will be covered from top to bottom, including the roof, with glass.

What are the extra costs?

The estimates we listed above usually won’t include the windows if you were to need thew.  Depending on your setup, it’s best to factor, at a minimum, $300 to $700 per window, depending on the quality and brand.  A sunroom, for example, will need windows to cover more than 50 percent of the room, whereas a traditional enclosure, mimicking a room, may only need two windows.  With your windows, don’t forget about the window treatments if you need them.

Permits, depending on your geographical location, will more than likely be required.  Full enclosures, as we mentioned above, will require it for certain, whereas a partial enclosure may not be needed, depending on what needs to be done.  Generally, if you’re changing your home’s existing structure in any ways, you will want to talk with your local government to see which permits you will need.  Most of the time, these permits will cost about $600 to $1,000+

Adding heating and/or cooling will need to be considered as a professional will need to run vents to the new enclosure.  Even if you don’t want vents installed, a space heater and/or ceiling fan may need to be considered.

Partial porches can often have a motorized screen installed to protect you from the weather with a push of a button.

Flooring, since you may more than likely need it in most situations, will be another cost to think about.  From an insulated floor to a simple concrete pour, flooring can range anywhere from $1 to $20+ per square foot.

Of course, once your porch is enclosed, you will need to furnish it will new furniture. If you don’t already have the furniture purchased, then this is another cost to think about.

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