How Much Does it Cost to Install Bilco Doors?

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Bilco basement/cellar doors are a great way to add an outside access or egress to basement storage areas, offering a variety of perks.

These doors are designed to offer a wider-than-average opening that allows access for storage of large items such as deck and patio furniture at the end of the summer, for example.  It can also hide or store pool tables, water heaters, appliances, or new heating systems inside of a basement.

Since 1926, the Bilco company has continued to serve the building industry.

During these years, the company has built a reputation among engineers, architects and the construction trades for dependability and for products that are unparalleled in terms of design and workmanship.

How much does it cost to install Bilco doors?

On average, the typical cost of installation is often between $2,000 and $5,000+ for the door plus professional installation.  This cost will depend on the amount of work that needs to be done and the circumstances.  Cutting into an existing foundation, adding the door and stairs, for example, could be much more than installing when the foundation is first being poured.

Since every situation will be unique with so many variables, we highly recommend getting multiple quotes for free from  Here, you explain your job and contractors will contact you with a quote estimate for free.

As for just the doors on its own, without any installation, can cost $500 to $750.  This will depend on the size and where they are purchased.  At the Home Depot, for example, they have more than 40+ Bilco doors for sale, with prices starting at $600.

According to one member on said they were quoted $5,200 to have doors and stairs installed.

On this forum thread, one forum member did receive a quote from a Bilco installer.  His grand total was $2,500, and this included removing the block at the front wall, removing the block on the side walls, replacing the concrete block, installing the new block and laying dirt to grade any water away from the door.

At, a member on this forum thread said they were quoted $5,200 to cut into the existing concrete foundation with precast steps bolted to the foundation with a 36-inch door at the entry.

Bilco doors overview

The installation process involves removing the older doors, assembling the new door, repairing any concrete if necessary, drilling the new holes for the frame and fastening the new doors in place.

Bilco doors are weather resistant and are available in three styles, including a classic series sloped wall, classic series steel-sided, and the ultra series. This corrosion-resistant construction will not rust and will never need painting. Bilco doors feature hinges which index into hinge receiver brackets and have been secured in place using hinge pins making the doors easy to set up. The doors also feature a gas-spring piston which prevents the basement doors from slamming. The piston also helps in raising and lowering the doors and allows the operator to lift a typically heavy-duty door using one hand. Without them the pistons, these doors are quite heavy.

Bilco doors and panels are heavy duty metal panels powder-coated using a polyester resin, which provides a durable and weather-resistant coating which reeks of quality.

Bilco basement doors offer flanged construction as well as an improved header design that sheds water as they prevent binding attributable to snow and ice.  Bilco offers an optional durable weather resistant powder-coated high-density polyester protective coating on all its steel doors that is sure to last under all seasonal conditions.

The powder-coated doors are available in four standard colors: white, light gray, sandstone and brick. The finish, as per the company, will result in a long-lasting, durable and chip resistant coating which will weather well and look remarkable in the process.

What are the extra costs?

Be sure to budget more if any repair work is required on the doorframe and/or stairs.

Tips to know

The Bilco basement-door system does satisfy the IRC 2012 Building-code requirements for emergency-egress from the finished basement areas.

Certified installers will offer a full warranty on all their Bilco door installations.  According to the company, if a component failed to function within a period of five years (or even longer, as-indicated) from the date of purchase, a new component will be furnished at no charge.

Bilco doors add the convenience of direct access to your basement that allows you full use of the basement. These doors also provide an accessible escape route or egress in case of an emergency.

Bilco doors sizes can be found via this PDF.

How can I save money?

Powder coated Bilco doors will eliminate the expense needed to paint the basement doors.  The powder-coated Bilco steel-basement doors come in nearly all of the popular door sizes that Bilco door carries. They are available in the most popular steel-sided door sizes, Size-B, Size-C, and extension panels.

The DIY route can help cut the cost of installing the door if you have experience or are comfortable following a how-to video.

As with any bigger job when a professional contractor is needed, it is always best to get as many quotes as possible.

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  1. Mike T (Colts Neck,  New Jersey) paid $3200 and said:

    Replacement of existing door, but included adding a higher masonry foundation to raise the unit above grade.

    Was it worth it? Yes

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