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In addition to purchasing the actual dishwasher, the costs do not stop there, unfortunately.  You will have to think about the installation costs, even if the retailer offers “free” installation as you will still be responsible for the install kit and/or other modifications which may be necessary.

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How much does it cost to install a dishwasher?

The cost of installing a dishwasher will depend on a few factors, including your current setup (is there a dishwasher already in place?), the installer you hire and your geographical region.

If you already have a dishwasher installed, then the install should be a lot easier than installing a new dishwasher that has never been installed in place before.  Since a new install will often require new wiring, new plumbing and customizing the countertops to make room for the new dishwasher, to name a few, the costs could be two to three times more than that of a basic install.  All in all, the costs to replace an existing dishwasher, which only requires minor adjustments to the plumbing, wiring and counter modifications, can cost $125 to $250, whereas a new install, which requires more than the average modifications, can cost anywhere from $300 to $550.

Aside from the dishwasher install, you will more than likely be asked to purchase an installation kit, which will include the hose that hooks up to the water supply, along with the washers, fittings, valves and the installation clips to ensure the dishwasher is properly mounted to the cabinet.  Generally, as with any appliance purchase, and no matter where you purchase it, experts will always recommend you replace everything, including the hoses and fittings, to ensure everything is brand new and in guaranteed working order.  These kits can add another $15 to $35 to the total costs, depending on the type of kit you purchase.

Most of the time, the jobs are going to be straightforward, but it does not mean that all contractors will be created equally.  To save time comparing contractor rates in your area, we highly recommend you check out, a free tool which allows you to explain your job and receive quotes from local and licensed contractors.  It’s free, no credit card is required and you can receive quotes in a matter of minutes in some cases.

The additional costs to consider

Disposal:  A disposal fee often applies, usually around $10 to $25, and regardless of who you hire, most will take the old dishwasher for you.

Securing:  In some cases, additional parts, outside of the dishwasher installation kit, may be necessary.  This could include a mounting kit, for instance, which could cost an additional $10 to $25.

Air Gap:  While optional, an air gap, considered to be a premium add-on, can prevent any wastewater inside the dishwasher from backing up and contaminating the clean water inside.  A relatively easy part to install, it will only cost about an additional $10 to $30 for the part and another $25 or so to install.  Typically, to install, there will be a spot near your sink, near the sprayer in the upper right-hand corner.  Again, being a premium add-on, not all dishwashers require it nor do you need it.  Refer to the dishwasher manual for more information if interested.

Drip Pans:  Like the air gap, the drip pan is yet another additional add-on if you wanted it.  A drip pan, just as it sounds, will catch any drips beneath the dishwasher as it’s running.  Considering as a precaution to prevent any leaks or water damage in the future, these parts cost about $20 and another $20 to install.

Carpentry:  As noted in our “costs” section, a carpenter may be necessary in order to modify the cabinet to accommodate the dishwasher.  As most jobs take about three hours, with carpenters charging an average of $75 an hour, this could cost close to $250 just for the customization.

New Valves:  In the case of a new or even changed dishwasher valve, a new valve can cost about $30, but the labor, about one hour worth of work, will be another $100 or so.

Drain Pipe:  Like the valve, if a new drain pipe is necessary, then plan on spending about $5 to $10 per linear foot and another $50+ per hour for professional labor.  The total costs usually are in the $150 range.

Rewiring:  An electrician may be necessary if any rewiring is required and/or new outlets need to be installed in order to plug in the dishwasher.  The average electrician charges about $80 an hour and this type of job should take a few hours.

How is a dishwasher installed?

An existing dishwasher install and replacement is relatively simple as all the contractor will have to do is remove the existing dishwasher and hook up the new dishwasher to the water supply and waste lines to the nearby plumbing.  Then, after the dishwasher is plugged in, it’s pushed into place and the screws are used to mount it to the counter/cabinets to hold it steady while running.  You can view the video below to see how the average dishwasher install looks like:

Tips to know

If you’re replacing an existing dishwasher and you plan on purchasing a new one, do keep in mind that not all appliances are created equally.  Even though most models at the local store are standard, be sure to measure the existing model to know how wide, tall and deep it is since even the slightest inch can throw off an install.  The last thing you want to do with a replacement is altering the countertops when it wasn’t necessary in the first place.  Removing a dishwasher from beneath the cabinet is relatively easy as it only requires unscrewing it from the counter, which allows you to pull it out enough to measure it.  With these measurements, you can be assured you can buy the right size at your local hardware store.

Some stores and contractors will charge you to dispose of your older dishwasher, often about $10 to $25; however, if it still works, you may be able to have a local charity take it away for free or if you have a truck, a local scrap yard may even pay you for it.

When choosing an installer, see how the labor is guaranteed.  At Lowe’s, for instance, they guarantee its labor by one-year and will even haul away your old dishwasher for free.

How to save money on a dishwasher install

Most of your larger big-box retailers, such as Lowe’s and Home Depot, often offer free installation or a heavily discounted rate as long as you spend a minimum amount and are only replacing an existing dishwasher.  Be sure to talk with the store to know more about the fine print and what you can do to take advantage of an offer if one were readily available.

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