How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Boat Slip?

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A boat slip, similar to a campsite, is where your boat will be stored if you are not using it; however, if you plan on living in your boat, this can be done here as well because many marinas offer full hookups and amenities.

There are many boat slips, again, just like a campsite, that offer a variety of amenities, including a store, restaurant, and gas station right on their property so that you can stay there comfortably and get anything that you need.  A boat slip also makes boating easier since your boat will be in the water and ready to go instead of having to put it on the boat landing and remove it every single time you go out.

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How much does it cost to rent a boat slip?

The cost of a boat slip will vary on the geographical location, the size of the boat, facilities, amenities, if the slip is uncovered or covered, and the marina that is offering the boat slip.  On average, for a boat between 30 and 40 feet, you should be prepared to spend anywhere from $150 to as much as $950 per month.  Again, since there are so many variables, it is extremely hard to pinpoint an exact price.  To budget, plan on spending at least $10 per foot per month.

We researched various geographical locations throughout the United States and included the quotes we found in our table below:

Geographical LocationSize of Boat (feet)Price Paid (per month)
Bradenton, FL37$900
Charleston, SC30$300
Chesapeake Bay, VA42$200
Coos Bay, OR40$105
Coronado, CA41$380
Everett, WA24$200
Ft Myers Beach, FL35$150
Galveston, TX43$270
Hollywood, FL44$600
Key West, FL28$500
Long Beach, CA45$750
Marathon, FL33$675
Marina Del Rey, CA45$750
New Smyrna Beach, FL45$800
Portland, OR42$157
Richmond CA32$315
Sausalito, CA50$800
Savannah GA39$350

According to some forum members on this forum thread, the prices greatly varied anywhere from $200 to as much as $1,000.  For instance, one couple who lives on their sailboat paid $963 a month, while another boat owner, who does not live on his boat, pays $200 for a 24-foot slip.

Baywood Marina, located in New Jersey, offers slips that range from $1,200 to as much as $4,400 for the year, according to their official website.  For example, a boat 15 to 19 feet long will cost $1,200 for the year, while a boat 33 to 36 feet long can cost $4,175.

Renting a boat slip overview

Standard boat slips should include a 30-amp (or greater) electric hookup and water.  Premium slips may even include a cable television hookup and free WiFi.

All boat slips will have plenty of places for you to tie and secure your boat.  However, you will have to use your own rope to do so.

Some marinas may also allow up to one haul and launch a year, depending on the contract you sign.

Aside from the slip, many marinas offer a laundromat, free showers, a restroom, heated pools, lockers and pump out services.  Again, the amenities will vary.

What are the extra costs?

If you want to live on your boat, some marinas may tack on additional fees ranging from $20 to $50.  This fee is assessed to make up for the electricity use, parking and/or cable TV.  If you do not plan on living on the boat, the costs may be up to 40 percent cheaper.

Because some marinas have gated security, you may need to buy additional parking passes for other guests.  Some marinas may charge an overnight fee for guests as well.

Month-t0-month renters will find that the summer months will be up to five times higher than the winter months.

In the world of boat slips, the geographical location is going to be a huge factor.  A slip in Miami is going to cost a lot more than one in Minnesota.

Most marinas often offer additional services such as cleaning, offshore storage, maintenance and so forth.  While these services may be an optional expense, it’s something to budget for.

Tips to know

Closely examine the amenities that the marina has to offer.  Do they offer cable?  Internet? Laundry?  Write down what you want and make sure the marina offers it.  The amenities that you need will depend on the frequency of your boating.

To search for boat slips in the United States, has thousands of listings to browse through.

If you are new to docking a boat, it may take some getting used to.  Pulling your boat into a boat slip without running into the sides can be tricky and takes some practice.  Consider asking someone at the boat dock or a friend who has more experience to help you out the first few times.

How can I save money?

The longer you sign your contract, the more you should be able to save.  Most marinas in the industry make most boaters sign a one-year contract.

Do not go with the cheapest when comparing slips because like a campground, you are going to get what you pay for.  However, if you never stay on your boat and all you need to a place to simply tie it up between uses, a boat slip with fewer options will be just fine.

Usually, the fewer amenities that you have, the less you are probably going to pay.

Try to talk with as many marinas as possible to gather a handful of quotes.  When you decide on one, do not be afraid to negotiate with them.

In many cases, you can purchase a boat slip if it were to make sense.  Like buying a home, weigh the pros and cons of renting or buying.

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