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A scaffolding, often needed to raise a worker to reach higher levels, whether to paint or hang drywall, to name a few, can be costly for some, and in some cases, it doesn’t make sense to buy; rather, it makes much more sense to rent for a certain duration to save money.

If you have to work up high and a ladder will not cut it, then a scaffolding may be the answer as it will provide more of a stable work platform where you will be able to setup your tools and move around with ease.

Cost to Rent Scaffolding
Magpie Scaffolding” (CC BY 2.0) by Kevan

How much does it cost to rent scaffolding?

The cost to rent a scaffolding, as with renting any sort of tool, will depend on where you rent it, what kind of scaffolding you need, your geographical region and how long you need it for.  For a 24-hour daily rental, be prepared to spend about $50, whereas a monthly rental can be closer to $450.

Refer to our table below to see what you may pay for a complete set.  If you want to piece it out, then you will want to refer to the next table.

DurationAverage Rate
4 Hours$35
Per Day$50
Per Week$150
Per Month$435

At Home Depot, for example, when we checked out the prices online, a four-hour rental, which was the minimum, was $34, while a weekly rental was $144.  This price was highly dependent on your local location, but for most of the locations we did look at, the prices were similar.

Aside from renting the scaffolding base setup, you may have to pay an additional fee for adjusting screws and base plates if you need to level the scaffold on uneven ground.  Also, if you want to move the scaffold with ease, then you will need a caster as well, all of which can cost an additional $10+ per rental period on average.  In the case of an unstable setup, tie-ins will be necessary to tie to the building to hold it in place without the worry of it falling apart.

If you’re interested in parting it out, instead of renting the entire scaffolding, then you may be looking at the following average costs:

2 Frames 2 Braces and 4 Pins$20 per week
Scaffolding Frame$7 per week
Cross Brace$3 per week (each)
Stacking Pins$1 per week (each)
7-foot Walkboards$10 per week
20-foot Walkboards$75 per week
Caster$9 per week
Leg Adjuster$4 per week
Extension Side Bracket$4 per week
Safety Rails$5 per week (each)
Safety Posts$2.50 per week (each)

What’s included in the rental fee?

At most rental companies, the scaffolding will come in pieces and it will be up to you to put it together.  Since most scaffoldings setups can be quite bulky, it’s often best if you have another person help you with the assembly process.  This Family Handyman video, for instance, shows you how you can put it together and work with it safely.  Unlike a ladder, the end product will create a safe and secure platform with guardrails so that you do not worry about falling while working.  Like a ladder, you will be able to adjust the height as you please to reach the areas that are hard to reach by hand or with a ladder in general.

The standard setup consists of five-foot frames and cross braces to create a seven-foot scaffold.  In addition to the base plates the guardrails, the main components will include the frames and cross braces that you will use in order to stack and combine them end by an end to create the scaffold.  For most jobs, the average size is five by five feet, but other sizes are available based on the type of job and needs.  As for the distance between the frames, this will be determined by the cross brace length, but seven and 10-feet are the most commonly rented sizes.

Tips to know

Before you rent your scaffolding, know how high you will need your scaffolding.  In general, you will need a working height of about four to six feet above the plank. If you’re uncertain, a reputable rental company will be able to tell you how high your scaffolding should be.

Family Handyman recommends limiting the heights into two sections because if you go any further than this, you risk your stability.  If your height reaches three times the minimum weight of the height, then you will need to tie the scaffolding to the structure you’re working with to provide the much-needed stability.

Do not try to save money by using your own wooden planks as they will not be as strong as the planks provided by the rental company.  Scaffold planks are designed to cover the entire frame from side to side.

If the job is going to last longer than three months, then recommends you consider purchasing as it will make the most sense.

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