Cost to Replace Toilet Wax Ring

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Last Updated:  August 15, 2018

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The toilet wax ring, while you do not see it, could be one of the most essential pieces of the toilet.

Sitting beneath the toilet at the base, it forms a tightened seal around the flange and the drain pipe, and if this part were to fail, then water, unfortunately, will begin to leak out every time you flush, possibly harming and/or damaging the floor around the base if left ignored.

While this cheap part may not appear that important to most, it always needs to be in great working order to prevent any problems.

Cost to Replace Toilet Wax Ring
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How much does it cost to replace a toilet wax ring?

The cost of the toilet wax ring itself is relatively cheap, often costing less than $15, depending on the brand; it’s the actual labor that will cost you the most if you were to hire a professional.  Seeing the plumber will have to take the entire toilet off of the base to access the toilet wax ring, the entire job, including the parts, will cost about $150 to $210.  The costs, ultimately, depend on your local geographical region and the contractor you hire.

As this is a straightforward job, most plumbers will often charge a flat rate for the job.  If you know for certain that the toilet wax ring is, indeed, the problem, then we recommend you use the contractor quote comparison service,  Here, you explain the repair you need to have performed, and with this information, plumbers will contact you with quotes for the job.  It’s free, no credit card is required and you can have quotes in as little as minutes.

Installing the toilet wax ring

The process of installing the toilet wax ring is easy, with the most challenging part being the toilet part removal as some toilets can weigh up to 100 or more pounds.  The entire process, from start to finish, should take about 45 to 60 minutes.

The first step involves shutting off the water to the toilet, followed by using a plunger and a vacuum to clear away any of the water left over inside of the bowl.

Next, while placing towels beneath the supply line, the plumber will remove the supply line, using an adjustable wrench and will drain the water from this hose into a container nearby.

Loosening the bolts off the toilet base using a wrench, the toilet will be lifted off the base, off to the side, usually on a pile of scrap towels.

Now, once the toilet is removed from its base, the wax ring is exposed, allowing the plumber to remove the ring off of the flange by utilizing a putty knife.  Once he or she is able to remove the wax ring, any residue and debris will be removed from the flange.

Once the wax ring is removed, at this time, the flange will be inspected to make sure it’s in working order; if not, he or she will recommend a new flange, which can cost up to $500 to replace.

After inspection, the new ring will be installed on either the base of the drain or on the face of the flange, depending on the setup of the toilet.

When installed and settled, the toilet will now be re-installed and set on the base until it’s even with the flooring, all while not wiggling or moving a smidge.

Lastly, the bolts are tightened at the foundation of the toilet, and the water is reconnected to fill the toilet up with water again.

Tips to know

A good wax ring can last up to 25 years or the life of the toilet since the actual part will not break down or experience any wear or tear.  However, in order for the wax ring to remain functional, it will need to be held tightly with the bolts holding the toilet to the base of the floor.  If these bolts were loose for any reason, then it can often compromise the seal, often damaging the ring.

If you do decide to the replace the toilet ring on your own, be sure to measure the flange to make sure you’re purchasing the right part since they are not all created equal.  In some cases, a flange extender may be necessary for some setups.

A wax ring will come in a standard size, but some are double in thickness.  Oftentimes, according to, the double thickness wax ring will be necessary if the toilet flange beneath your toilet is below the flooring level.

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