Cost to Replace Toilet

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Last Updated:  August 13, 2018

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Looking at a toilet from a distance, it may appear that all toilets are created equal, and while this may seem true, it actually isn’t as all toilets can vary in height, size, style and colors.

Whether you need to replace a toilet due to cosmetic reasons or it needs to be replaced due to repairs, of course, it will not be replaced for free if you plan on hiring the pros.

Cost to Replace Toilet
Single-flush urine diversion toilet” (CC BY 2.0) by Sustainable sanitation

How much does it cost to replace a toilet?

The costs to replace your toilet will depend on the professional you hire, what’s included in the quote and your geographical region.  For the most part, a simple swap and replace will cost about $125 to $280, but if some plumbers, depending on their billing policy, may charge more to dispose of the toilet and repair pipes if they needed replacement.  Unexpected costs, which we get into below, can drive the price up to more than $500 in some cases.

While most jobs are standard, it still doesn’t hurt to price compare with local plumbers.  By using, for example, you can explain your job, and with this information, local plumbers will contact you with a quote to do the job.  It’s free, no credit card is required and it’s an easy way to receive multiple quotes without picking up the phone or e-mailing.

Extra costs to consider

Plumbing modifications: As noted, all toilets are not created equally, and if you want to pay the lowest price possible when hiring a professional, then it’s important you choose the exact same size and style when purchasing a new one.  While this isn’t mandatory, you will be charged an additional fee if the plumber has to make any modifications to the plumbing and flooring to match the new toilet base.  If your toilet was lower than your older one, for example, then the pipe line, behind the wall, would have to be dropped to accommodate the new line.  Moving the existing drain pipe and/or pipe in the drywall can easily add another $500 to $850 to the total job.

Flooring modifications:  Just like the plumbing, the flooring, such as the tile around the toilet, may have to be modified around the base of the toilet in case it’s smaller.  Again, this should only be budgeted for if you insist on purchasing a smaller toilet.  The same can be said about a rotting floor.

Disposal:  Disposing of the toilet, while often included in the quote, can sometimes be an additional fee if the plumber doesn’t include it.  Even if they do include the disposal, some have restrictions stating they will only remove a toilet as part of the quote if it’s located on the first floor.  Be sure to check out the fine print before forking over your money.  Disposal can cost close to $100 in some cases.

Unexpected repairs:  In the case you’re replacing your toilet due to a repair, more than just replacing the toilet may be needed.  Your plumber may also find other repairs at the time of replacement such as unexpected leaks, a cracked flange, improper wax ring seal and/or poor caulking around the toilet base.  While a new wax ring and a new layer of caulk is used when replacing the toilet, if leaks are found outside of the toilet, then be prepared to pay even more in fees.

The toilet:  Of course, while obvious, we will include this here as well.  Do not forget to add the costs of the toilet itself, and depending on the type and the brand you want to purchase, the average toilet can cost anywhere from $150 to $500+.

What’s included in the quote?

For a basic install, a plumber should turn off the water, drain and disconnect the old toilet, replace the wax ring, inspect the flange for any damage or wear or tear, and set and connect the new toilet.  Lastly, once installed, he or she will test the toilet to make sure it’s working as should.

How to save money when replacing a toilet

While replacing a toilet can seem like a daunting task (yes, it can be), it may not be as hard as you think if you have some handyman experience.  Again, as long as you purchase the same exact size and shape toilet, the replacement, when following some simple how-to guides online, with a help of a friend or a family member, could save you more than $200.

If you’re insistent and you want to hire a professional plumber, that’s fine.  Being a competitive industry, you will find that due to this being a common job, some plumbers will offer a flat-rate coupon, which can often be found on the company’s official website or even via daily deal websites such as Groupon.

Tips to keep in mind

Before hiring a plumber, always make sure they are licensed and insured in your area.  It also doesn’t hurt to check out their Google and Yelp reviews to see what previous customers are saying about their work.

Get a detailed estimate before handing over your credit card to know exactly what you’re getting for your money and to avoid any unnecessary fees.

If you want to make the install easy, most plumbers will supply the toilet for you, ensuring you that you’re buying the right toilet for your bathroom to keep the costs down.  Doing so may even bring the overall costs down as you’re purchasing a packaged deal.

See if any rebates are being offered by your local government if you were to replace your existing toilet with a low-flush model.

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