How Much Does a Crane Rental Cost?

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Renting a crane may be necessary for many different construction projects such as landscaping, excavating or during a building project, and since it may not make sense to purchase one, renting one may be the best option available.

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How much does a crane rental cost?

The cost of renting a crane will depend on the duration of the rental, where you rent it from, if an operator is needed, the type of crane and the geographical location.  Based on these factors, most construction cranes can be rented for $100 to $1,000 per day, $1,000 to $3,000 per week or up to $6,000+ per month.  The prices may go down or up, depending on the type of crane and the rental company.

If you were to need an operator and the crane, then the rental company will more than likely charge by the hour.  Depending on the crane setup, these fees can range anywhere from $100 for a 14-ton hydraulic crane to as much as $350 per hour for a 100-ton hydraulic truck crane.  These rental companies, when they do provide an operator, will usually ask for a three to five-hour commitment.

With so many cranes available to rent, refer to our table below to see what the average crane may cost you.  Keep in mind that these rental fees will greatly vary by region and won’t include the operator fees.

Type of CraneAverage Rental Quote
9 Ton Carry Deck Crane- Daily: $900
- Weekly: $2,000
- Monthly: $4,300
15 Ton Carry Deck Crane- Daily: $1,300
- Weekly: $2,800
- Monthly: $5,700
2 Ton Electric Mini Crawler- Daily: $1,000
- Weekly: $2,700
- Monthly: $6,100
2.25 Ton Walk Behind Crane- Daily: $850
- Weekly: $2,200
- Monthly: $5,000
2.5 Ton Carry Deck Crane- Daily: $300
- Weekly: $1,000
- Monthly: $2,700
4 Ton Carry Deck Crane- Daily: $400
- Weekly: $1,100
- Monthly: $2,800
14 Ton Crane Truck- Daily: $600
- Weekly: $1,900
- Monthly: $3,700
17 Ton Crane Truck- Daily: $700
- Weekly: $2,200
- Monthly: $4,800
23.5 Ton Crane Truck- Daily: $700
- Weekly: $2,600
- Monthly: $5,800

As for the hourly rates, here are some of the average costs we were able to obtain from rental companies located throughout the United States.  These costs would be for the crane and the operator.  Of course, additional fees may apply, depending on the circumstances.

Type of CraneHourly Rate w/ Licensed Operator
14 Ton w/ 73' Height$100
23 Ton w/ 105' Height$115
30 Ton w/ 161' Height$160
40 Ton w/ 190' Height$165
50 Ton w/ 172' Height$200
70 Ton w/ 200' Height$235
90 Ton w/ 237' Height$275
100 Ton w/ 225' Height$300
140 Ton w/ 305' Height$325
210 Ton w/ 197' Height$450
275 Ton w/ 223' Height$525
350 Ton w/ 197' Height$600
500 Ton w/ 164' Height$750
600 Ton w/ 164' Height$825

United Rentals offers a list of more than 20 cranes they have available for rent nationwide, with prices ranging from as little as $62 per day for a walk behind crane to as much $1,300 per day for a 15-ton crane.

Crane rental overview

The inclusions for your rental will depend on the company you are renting from.  Some will include the operator in the package while others would require you to pay separately for the crane operator. The terms of usage will be discussed by the company before the contract is signed.

Depending on the rental company, a wide range of cranes will be available, ranging from a crane truck, carry deck crane to a walk behind crane.  A crane truck will have a lift mount, making it easy for highway transportation purposes.  A carry deck crane will be similar to the crane truck, but they will be ideal for lifting lighter material that can maneuver in tighter spaces.  A walk behind crane is exactly just as it sounds — a crane that allows you to walk behind it as you control it.

What are the extra costs?

Unless it is specified in the beginning that an operator is included in the package, you need to consider setting aside money to pay the crane operator.  These fees, when included, will often include basic crane operations.  If any customizations are required, outside of the norm, then additional fees may apply.

Aside from a licensed operator, if a flagger, rigger-signal professional, director and/or pilot driver is required, this could be an additional $60 to $100 per hour per person.

In some cases, depending on what the crane is being used for, permits may be required by your local city.

If renting a truck, you will be asked to bring the gas/diesel level back to the same amount when you left.

When hiring an operator, travel fees may apply if they have to travel outside their normal radius.

Overtime fees will apply if the operator has to work longer than eight hours.

For larger cranes, a road permit will be required, which is usually anywhere from $100 to $200 extra.

Holiday rates may apply if the company works them.

How can I save money?

As with any rental company, contact at least three companies to see what they can offer you.  While you don’t want to focus on the price, it’s important to pay close attention to the reviews, the company’s reputation and work history.

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