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Crestor, a prescription drug used to lower cholesterol levels, is available as a branded version, Crestor, and generic version, rosuvastatin.

How much does Crestor cost?

The cost of Crestor depends on a few factors, just like any prescription drugs, including the dosage strength, whether you’re purchasing the generic, your health insurance policy and the pharmacy you choose.  For the branded Crestor tablets, the costs, without insurance could average about $9.50 per tablet, whereas the generic version, rosuvastatin, can average closer to $1.30 per tablet.

Private insurance companies and Medicare will cover the generic rosuvastatin, but according to, Medicare will not cover the branded Crestor.  For the generic, plan on your co-pay, depending on your insurance and the quantity you’re purchasing, ranging anywhere from $0 to $65.

Calling a few pharmacies in the area, CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Sam’s Club and Costco, we were able to compile a tablet average we were given and included the prices we received in the table below:

BrandDosageAverage Price
Crestor5 MG- 30 tablets: $285
- 50 tablets: $475
- 100 tablets: $935
Rosuvastatin5 MG- 30 tablets: $35
- 50 tablets: $37
- 100 tablets: $43
Crestor10 MG- 30 tablets: $285
- 40 tablets: $465
- 100 tablets: $920
Crestor40 MG- 30 tablets: $285
- 60 tablets: $550
- 90 tablets: $830
Rosuvastatin40 MG- 30 tablets: $40
- 60 tablets: $50
- 90 tablets: $55

How to save on Crestor

Many programs, including local, federal, non-profits, and manufacturers, can help you receive these drugs at a reduced cost as long as you meet eligibility requirements, often being based on your income and insurance status.  The Partnership for Prescription Assistance and even, for example, are all programs/services which may be able to help with your situation.

As you can see in our table above, the larger your quantity is at the time of prescription, the more you’re going to save per tablet.  If you know you’re going to use the medicine for more than 90 days, then ask your doctor if he or she is able to write a longer prescription.

In some cases, you may be able to split your pills, helping you save up to 50 percent; however, before doing so, ask your doctor if splitting can work for your situation.  Splitting a 40mg pill, for instance, can create two 20mg pills, but it will cost 50 percent than the same amount of a 20mg equivalent.  A pill splitter can cost less than $10.

The generic version, as you can see, will be much less than the branded pill.  Again, talking with your doctor, see if other statin class drugs can help save you money such as Lipitor or Zocor.

Even if you have health insurance, see if the prescription coupon-based websites can help you save money., for example, allows you to print out a coupon for free and take it to a local pharmacy to receive the cost printed on the card.  Be sure to compare this price with your insurance costs to see which option will be the cheapest.

If you want Crestor, not the generic, the official website does offer a Crestor $3 Card, offering to pay as little as $3 if you qualify.  You can read the restrictions and download the card by clicking here.

Drug overview

Crestor, belonging to a group of drugs called HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors, or statin, is commonly used together with a doctor recommended diet to help control your cholesterol and the fats (triglycerides) in your bloodstream.  While this medicine is known to slow down other medical problems, often related to fats that clog the arteries, it can also help prevent a certain type of blood vessel and/or heart problems in patients who are higher at risk with heart problems.

Always, as with any prescription, use as recommended by your doctor’s orders.  Never use more, less or take it on a schedule of your choice.  As the medicine directions indicate, it will always work its best when there is a constant amount in the bloodstream, and in order to keep this constant amount, it is so important you take it at the right interval every day.  For the average adult, they will take five to 40 milligrams once a day.

In addition to this medicine, most doctors, based on your circumstances, will also recommend a diet that is low in cholesterol, fat and sugars.  If your doctor does recommend this type of diet, just like the medicine, it will be important to follow the directions closely.

This medicine can be taken with or without food, but it must be swallowed whole and never crushed, broken apart or chewed.

Always store away from heat, any moisture and the direct light in room temperature.  Keep away from any children and pets.

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